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  1. Dear Mr. mattk : We have received your email request concerning your Variable AF Prime Growth Annuity account. There are no ticker symbols for these funds because they are not available to the general public. They are only available to institutional buyers, such as insurance companies, and can only be used as investment selections for variable products. The unit values that we have are different than the ones listed on the regular stock exchange. Unit Value information is available on our Direct Access Line # . This automated line is available 24 hrs. a day, 7 days a week. The only information needed to access the automated line is your Social Security number and a Personal Identification Number (PIN). Your PIN is your birth month and year. For example, if your birthdate is March 6, 1949, your 4-digit PIN number is 0349. If you wish, you may change this number by following the audio instructions. An annuity contract not included as a retirement plan option has tax-deferral of gains/earnings until withdrawal. When included as a retirement plan option, such as a 403(b) plan, the plan rules that apply to the annuity contract are the same as the rules that apply to the other options allowed under the plan by the employer. The tax deferral of both the contributions and earnings are plan features not annuity contract features. When choosing a funding vehicle for your 403(b) contributions, you should at the least consider the following: 1) What options are allowed by the employer 2) Customer service features of provider 3) Charges & fees 4) Death benefits features 5) Income/Distribution features and retirement 6) What options fit your investment risk profile and needs. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance. Cordially,
  2. Hello all, I currently read "The 403(b) Wise Guide" and was curious so I contacted my HONEST and STRAIGHTFORWARD af company and thought I would try the honest and straightforward approach. This is my email. If there is enough interest, I will post the response (if I get one). Also, I am paying 5% of my contributions. Is this high? I don't know if there are any other fees and they conveniently don't have a ticker symbol. Hope this makes sense. I currently enrolled in an American Fidelity variable annuity account A and have been teaching for 7 years (this is my 8th consecutive year). I was trying to do some research and was looking for a ticker symbol so I could go online to view the account? Can you help? Also, I was reading "the 403(b)wise guide" and it says on page 16 " since a 403 b is by design tax-deferred, no further benefit is derived by putting a tax-deferred investment (A VARIABLE ANNUITY) into it... investing 403 (b) money in variable annuity is akin to using an umbrella indoors. Can you refute this claim. Thanks in advance. I await your response.
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