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  1. I would like to join the group, however I'm not a teacher. I'm the spouse of a teacher lacking interest and motivation in the investment world. (I'm 100% fine with either a yes or no)
  2. I thought I would also relay my DirectInvest experience. I was concerned with Security Benefit's reputation. My advice: The low fees and fund choices are well worth any inconvenience. My wife applied for a Security Benefit DirectInvest account in March. Much like Imua808's experience, we received no confirmation. About a week and a half later, she received a phone message asking to contact them to process the application. She called and was told the reason SB called was they thought we selected mutual funds not available to us (I knew our fund selections were correct). They realized their error, apologized and stated everything was fine with our application. Again, I thought we would receive notification our account was open. After nearly two weeks without any contact, she called and was told the account was active and gave us our account number and password for online access. We then started the Salary Reduction Agreement process and transfer of funds from our previous provider to DirectInvest. SB was very helpful, even contacting the school district since we were the first in the district to choose a provider without a rep. We finally received our only mailing from SB confirming the funds transfer. Overall, as expected with a DIY platform, there was very limited "hand holding" during the DirectInvest application process. On the positive side, the telephone customer service was outstanding; short wait times and knowledgeable reps. I am certain our favorable phone experience was due to only calling the dedicated DirectInvest phone number and not Security Benefit's main number. I'm very pleased with the fund choices, low (or no) additional fees and the website.
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