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  1. krow36

    457 Mass Mutual

    Paul, welcome to the forum. I’m sorry no one has responded to your post, but you need to copy and paste your post and start a new thread. That should get the attention your post deserves. In fact this 457 part of the 403bwise forums does not get as much attention as the 403b part. So try posting on the 403b part and you’ll get more replies. You are certainly correct that the OR state 457 plan is vastly superior to Mass Mutual plan. Have you talked to the OR state 457 people about getting for your district? This sometimes helps. Don’t give up! Try to get other employees to ask for it .
  2. Ottakee, as Ed has suggested, it might be a good idea for you to list your district’s 403b vendors. It’s sometimes the case that a high cost vendor offers a very low cost option that is easy to overlook. Also Ed’s suggestion to consider a low cost state run 457 plan rather than a relatively expensive 403b plan is a very good idea. What state are you in? It’s often fairly easy to get a district to add the state 457 plan if it’s not already offered.
  3. I agree with Tony on using VOYA Total Stock Market. Maybe you can do bond and into stock in your 401k account?
  4. krow36

    457 Mass Mutual

    AXA and Met Life may tell you that they offer mutual funds in their annuities. Their annuities usually have added high expense ratios, often over 1%, also an M&E fee of 1% and also an admin fee. You may avoid some of these fees by choosing a Fixed Annuity, but that earns a very low return, and isn’t invested in the stock or bond mkts.
  5. krow36

    457 Mass Mutual

    I have another few minutes of wifi. If you can find another district employee that will ask for the low cost CalSTRS 457 option that would help get it added. Also, ask to talk to someone higher up. Be nice, but keep at it. It is very reasonable that the district employees should be able to contribute to a mutual fund based 457, not just an expensive annuity based 457. You may have to educate them about this. I think it’s likely that you would be ahead by moving your AXA 403b balance to your Vanguard 403b. Even if there’s a surrender fee. If you are likely paying 2% or more per year, you might be ahead by paying the surrender fee. Are you familiar with the 403b.compare.com website? It is also run by CalSTRS. All venders are required to list all the fees of their 403b plans. Check to to see if the Met Life 403b offerings are similar to their 457 offerings.
  6. krow36

    457 Mass Mutual

    I have WiFi for only a few minutes. You need to ck into the 403bwise forum. CA teachers have access to 457 plan run by your pension plan, CalSTRS. They may be on your 403b vendor list. Don’t accept a not possible. It IS possible if you keep pushing. TALK TO THE FOLKS ON THE 493b FORUM!! Your reasons for liking the 457 are valid.
  7. krow36

    457 Mass Mutual

    tnewin, welcome to the forum. Sorry for the delay in getting a reply to your questions. I'm traveling in Canada with only rare wifi. I suggest you ask further questions on the 403bwise forum, as this 457 forum doesn't get near as much attention. Folks on both forums that have experienced what you are dealing with. The first thing you should be aware of is that 457 plans (like 403b plans) can be either annuity based or mutual fund based. You should avoid the much more expensive annuity products. On MM's fees and ERs, you'll have to dig it out from the rep. He should refer you to online verification of the fees. I would strongly recommend that you do not sign up for anything at the meeting with the advisor. Just get information. Are you contributing to a 403b and maxing it? If not, that would be a good idea before using an expensive 457. Are there low-cost vendors for the 403b? Adding a 457 vendor usually involves talking the HR office and any third party administrator. What state are you in? About half the states have state-run low-cost 457 plans that are available to school district employees. If your state does have such a 457 plan, it's often relatively easy to get it added to the vendor list. Any questions are welcome! We all started at an elementary level and most of us have lost a lot of money in the process of investing. Most of us are teachers, retired teachers or teachers' spouses.
  8. If SB is not on your district’s vendor list, I think you can’t use SB’s NEA Direct Invest. It sounds like OMNI is giving you the runaround IF SB is on the vendor list. GWN should not be involved?
  9. That’s great that you are set up with Fidelity! You have probably figured out that if remaining SB money is charged an average of 3%, you might be better off paying the surrender fees. Thanks for the update.
  10. You could transfer your 403b account with SB to a Vanguard 403b if Vanguard is on the list. What kind of account did you open at Vanguard? IRA, taxable Individual or 403b? You'll get advice here from other retired and working teachers. This website maintains a list of fee-only Certified Financial Advisors that have been checked out. It's at the top of the forum topics
  11. Because of the ongoing fees of the SB variable annuity (VA), I don't think there's a reason that is good enough to hang on to it. I would guess that you are paying at least 2% per year in fees. Every fund has an expense ratio (ER) and your VA probably has a "mortality & expense" fee of about 1%. By transferring your variable annuity to the SB NEA Direct Invest, your only fees will be the Vanguard Admiral class index fund expense ratio of about 0.05%. That's about $4,100 for the VA, and about $104 for NEA DI, every year! Do you know the surrender fee schedule? If the fee varies over the 9 years, it's probably a rolling surrender fee. That means that last year's contributions might have a 9% fee, and contributions made 8 years ago might have a 1% fee? You really need to know the total surrender fee in order to decide whether to pull the band-aid off and transfer it all, or just transfer that amount that is surrender fee free. You can call SB and ask for this info.
  12. I don't think the @ does anything on this forum, although I could be wrong. A PM generates an email on this forum, and the BH forum works the same way. A quote generates a notice in the upper right corner, but only if someone is checked in.
  13. It looks like the OP last checked in on Jan 24. Maybe you should try a Private Msg which will generate an email?
  14. Sorry I have no experience with your situation, but I'll give your thread a push. In general I would rank your retirement ahead of your child's post-grad schooling. Is your 403b plan with a low-cost vendor? Are you invested with say at least 50 to 60% in equities, so that your account is growing significantly? By withdrawing 24k, you will slow the account's growth rate won't you?
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