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  1. It seems to me that it depends how much you put in a year. With the number of teaching moves you have made you might be better off putting money into a roth ira until you reach the max. this way if change districts again the roth is seemless with the move. After you reach the MAX on the Roth you can start contributing to either the Fidlity roth or the Vanguard 403b which are great options i wish I had. Rich
  2. 1. I agree with Tony stop contributing to the 403 b and start a roth IRA with vanguard. 2. You mention your husbands company offer a 6% match thats free money so take advantage of it Rich
  3. Tony nailed as usual PAY YOUR SELF First!!!!!
  4. I like the Roth ira like Krow said. I would also put enough money in your wife's 403 to get the match. That's free money Rich
  5. Dave I see this as a great opportunity to educate teachers about fees. a simple comparison and fee structure of one you say add or keep and one you say get rid of will be a great starting point
  6. Krows breakdown Is right on the monety. I was in similar about 10 year ago took the hit transferred it all and never looked back. the reduction in expense ratio will have you ahead of the game in no time Rich
  7. What is the percentage of salary when you retire and what about healthcare would be my only questions??? If healthcare is covered by pension system and say percentage is 75 percent then The way I look at it is I would be going to work for 25% of My money. If you loved teaching that much you could always retire draw the pension and then go and find a teaching job at a Catholic school. Rich
  8. Thanks Dan Do you have a side by side of a 403b and roth 403b?
  9. Tony and Dave Thanks, It sounds to me that a roth might be a good solution. I do like the idea of having maximum flexibility as Dave suggest by not doing either one and investing after tax. but Tax free with drawl Sounds great since I am looking at working another 9 years.
  10. DEB Im a shop teacher Wife is PE we both coach and No you don't want to move to illinois!!
  11. Hi everyone, I am a 25 year veteran teacher working in illinois. My wife is about the same years into it. We are currently both maxing out 403 b and make North of 100k a year each. I was thinking of switching to the roth 403b. I would have aspire available to me and my wife would have Fidelity. What does everybody think. I doubt I will be in a lower tax bracket when I retire unless they mess with my pension!! Rich
  12. Another good reason to use the 457 plan is it most likely portable if you change districts within Ohio . Rich
  13. I believe I have seen it on the boards in the past But Google NJ state employees Deferred compensation plan.
  14. Bob and steve thanks for the info.
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