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  1. How about AXA now requiring every transfer out to have their own personal unique code on the transfer form or they will reject the transfer. This means the client has to login online and most likely call the call center after a 30 minute hold time just to get their login info. How can this even be legal?
  2. I agree with Dave that the Pension Max strategy can make sense, but it depends on the difference in the pension payouts (max vs joint) and the health rating you receive from the insurance company. If you get a below average health rating than it will probably make sense to go with the joint life option from your pension instead. I also agree with Steve that term insurance is the only way to go. Example: Max Pension Payout - $61,000 Joint Pension Payout - $55,000 If you can get a $1,000,000 term policy for 20 years for $2k or $3k it might make sense for you
  3. i looked up your school on OMNI's website and it looks like you already have the 457 plan in your district. I agree with the others to max out your Roth IRAs first for each of your ($5,500 each) then id go to the 457.
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