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  1. Well, congratulations on your pay raise and new job! Once you identify the better option, can you direct all 13% of it there? Keep us posted and good luck.
  2. Pitiful. I was a kid when my grandmother used to question the validity of studies. I thought she was being a pessimist - and old - (sigh) and reply something like “Oh Nana, why would they publish false or misleading results?” Nana was my most memorable teacher. Thanks for sharing Tony. And Dan, holy cow, it’s great to see you around everywhere these days! Run, Forest, Run!
  3. The only reason why I went back to FB was to collaborate with professional groups like this one. Though I still like this forum for in-depth conversations and exchanges. It feels more secure.
  4. I’m not Steve, but I love it. I include something similar on my blog.
  5. Ouch. Never make it about him. You know it is not a personal conflict but it will need to be conveyed accurately and for what it is - expensive. Perhaps look around in other local area districts where employees are familiar to use as a good example. Find out specific steps on how to add a low cost vendor, and determine the savings. Then, present your case using data. This guy sounds like he is “beloved” and no one would suspect the cost he comes with. Good luck. You are doing a great service.
  6. Not sure how or when that will happen, but it is one of the top documentaries showing on TUGG. Orlando hosted one on July 8 but there are other dates and locations to choose from. I know there’s no place like home but community adds a certain element to a viewing. I’m setting one up for Long Island in September and it’s pending theatre acceptance. Come up north! Locations and dates
  7. Teachers who enter into a degreed or certification program to advance to the administrative level in order to obtain a position as a building principal, administrator or school business leader. To be a school business leader you do not have to be an educator so that is a different program. To my knowledge the programs, like teacher education programs, do not include instruction on choosing 403(b) plans.
  8. MoeMoney


    Welcome to the forum, NYAdmin. Just out of curiosity, can you share with us how you came across 403bwise? As an administrator, you have the potential to exert influence over other administrators who evidently do not understand finance like they do education, just like you self-described. Though you will hopefully discover that it is a lot easier to understand than you think. If only administrators could explain the pitfalls of 403b plans to those in charge of choosing the plans, it could do wonders for the balance sheets of themselves, hundreds of teachers and staff members too.
  9. Ed’s answer reminds me that we need to advocate for this gold standard model in the School Business Leader and Administration education programs in addition to the teacher education college programs. Wouldn’t that be marvelous?
  10. I suspect we all sound alike, after all, we are resourceful. Call it frugal or efficient, it all means the same thing. I learned it from my grandmother - learn to manage the resources you come across. I was proud when she used to call me "resourceful". I thought, well, yeah, what else is there? Managing your food, your diet, your yard, garden, cars, time, money, work, etc has a name - resource management and was the foundation of Home Ecology as taught and documented by Ellen Swallow Richards in the late 1800's. She was the first woman allowed into MIT (though they would not allow her to pay tuition so as not to set a precedent of admitting women). They caved, though. She felt all women should be educated on the sciences of running a house, including the chemicals used in cleaning, agriculture, nutrition and food, water and air quality and identified their vital role in the economy. Quite an interesting woman and she is credited with the academics of Home Economics used in education.
  11. Hello all, I have been in "decompression" mode, hence my delayed response. My sentiment was more that I had enough (enough personal resources and enough of the bureaucracy) and I chose not to elaborate on the inefficiencies of the educational system. Instead the point was more or less I was able to choose to accept a reduction or go on to do something else. Believe me, it took lots of percolating and discussion but at the end of the day, I am free to move on, untethered and ready to create another opportunity. It is worthy of pointing out that a major tenet behind the FI movement is to build up personal resources so that you can have choices, if and when the all-powerful employer makes changes or you want to make changes in your location or lifestyle. For some people that comes naturally but for others, it never occurs to set yourself up for that.
  12. 2) I recognize it’s walking away from “a massive amount of money” and most people would not do that, therefore they were surprised that I did. The golden handcuffs. I suppose that should not surprise me. But the employer changed the terms of employment so would they not consider the employee would choose not to accept it? That is what surprised me. I know it all comes down to the same thing - finances. But there comes a day, or a dollar amount saved, that makes someone realize they have enough. (Or reach a magic number of years, or a certain age, or should have enough.) Some people don’t know what enough is so they are afraid to walk away. Some people do, and walk away no matter what’s still on the table. 1) Loving what I do also means I can do it anywhere else. Some people wouldn’t do that but some would embrace the opportunity. It surprises and saddens me to think that employers have, or think they have, so much control and that employees feel they have no control (or responsibility) over their life or career decisions. Here’s the tie-in to this forum - if I hadn’t taken control of my deferred compensation plans and learned how to do that here (thereby taking responsibility of my money/future). I’d have to accept their terms.
  13. That’s right, it was proposed and not passed yet. Thanks Ed. the Roth IRA rmd makes no sense to me. Why does it matter if the taxes have been paid? I wonder what Alexander Hamilton would think of our system today?!
  14. I’m stepping out of my comfort zone.Enough. Why I Decided to resign. It’s far from perfect and I’m not a master but it’s a start and a work in progress. I have way more to learn still but time waits for no one! Thanks for enlightening me in many ways.
  15. It’s my understanding that Roth IRA’s have no RMD to you or your heirs whereas traditional IRA’s do, of course. Additionally, heirs can no longer stretch them over their lifetime. IRS wants the taxes sooner.
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