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  1. Thanks, Tony! Yes, it is a school system. Vanguard is very new to our district, but I was confused as to why withdrawals were taken for two months and then stopped. I'm definitely going to ask more questions because it was apparently only Vanguard that was impacted, not the other 403B companies.
  2. Recently, I noticed no money was been transferred into my Vanguard account by my business office from December until now. I was told the district employee who directed the funds to Vanguard left (which is true), but without that person, the funds didn't transfer. Can someone educate me on how these transfers work? I thought they were electronic and automatic after the school district sets them up. A few questions: can funds be backdated since the transfers were supposed to occur monthly? (I'm guessing not). If not, does my work have any obligation to reimburse me for the gains that I would've made during that time period? Thanks!
  3. My district has a 403B plan currently, but I was wondering...if the school district were to add the 457 as an option, does it cost the district money? Thanks in advance!
  4. Thanks, Tony! I read the article about finances over the years and it was very interesting. I have been saving for 14 years, but it has been through AXA, so you know how it ends. Luckily, I am now with Vanguard. If I have extra money to invest, at various times, it is to my benefit to open a Roth IRA? I had heard it was more important to max out 403B contributions. I try to be careful what I spend money on, but there is always something else I can do to save money. Reducing home and car insurance is my next priority.
  5. I'm 41 and single, so I feel extra pressure to get it "right". I have thought about going to one of the local union-run retirement sessions so I am more knowledgeable about retiring some day. I don't want to get to retirement age and not be able to retire or find out there are many expenses I wasn't planning for.
  6. couronne


    Hi everyone! I am beyond excited...my school district is adding Vanguard! I am hoping to also add Aspire to give our faculty more options, but this is a fantastic start. Can anyone give me advice in which funds I should invest? I have 14 years until retirement. I will be transferring all of my money out of AXA which I began contributing to about 15 years ago. Can anyone guide me through this process please? Are there limits on how much I can transfer, etc.? Thanks in advance!
  7. Great article! It looks like that might be my best option until I can move all of my money out of Axa.
  8. Thank you very much for all the responses! Everyone is so helpful. Any suggestions on a Roth IRA to invest in? It seems that it might be a better idea to put money into that rather than anymore money into Axa. Thanks, Dan, for the great questions to ask my Axa advisor. I will also investigate surrender fees---I do know I was told there would be fees if the money was taken out before year 10, but I've had it with them for 12 years (smh). I appreciate all the advice!
  9. Thank you, Tony and Dan! I am pretty sure my district does not have a 457B plan because they typically don't do anything that requires extra paperwork on their part. However, I will ask anyway. I listened to the podcast, which was very informative and bought the "Teach and Retire Rich" book, but haven't made it too far. I wish I had the book when I was 20! I tried looking at the article by Dave Grant, but the video had been removed. Anyway, I spoke with an Aspire rep to get the paperwork for my district. What is the difference between TIAA and Aspire? I noticed in the podcast that Aspire has over 300 options---Vanguard and Fidelity being two of them. Is there a place I can find the others? In addition, I am extremely unhappy with my Axa person and want someone who is vested in my best interests and not the money they make from me. How easy is it to find a someone to work with Aspire? And finally, until I can meet with our Superintendent to advocate for these options, does anyone have any advice on where to put my money within Axa? My financial advisor has been no help. Since I have had money with them for 12 years, will I have to pay fees to transfer my money elsewhere when I find a company I am happy with? Thank you so much and I will be sure to post after I've had my Superintendent meeting. I'm trying to research as much as I can beforehand. Couronne
  10. I recently found this website and have read through many of the posts. What a great community! I am a teacher in NY with 403B through Axa that I've had for approximately 12 years with a dismal return. After talking with several coworkers (with good returns) and turning 40, it made me realize I need to make some changes fast to ensure a reasonable retirement. Our district currently offers plans with Axa, Voya, Prudential, and Metlife. If I have to choose from one of those companies, which is the best? I have been petitioning for almost a year to have additional companies added. I was finally given clearance, but they must participate with the "plan with ease" network. I called last week, and unfortunately, they are not working with Fidelity or Vanguard. The network does work with Aspire, The Lincoln Financial, TIAA-CREF, and Mass Mutual. Out of those, can you point me to two which would offer the best options for our faculty? I am hopeful that two of these companies will be added to our current offerings, but won't know until the paperwork is done on the part of our business office, which sometimes is like pulling teeth. Thanks in advance for your expertise. As others had mentioned, I wish I found this website years ago!
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