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  1. I was talking about the search function as well
  2. Hello all, I have not posted in a very long time but continue to check in once in awhile to read some of the posts. This forum was instrumental for me to start controlling my own investments, rebalancing, etc as well as talking my father out of his annuity (although he just bought expensive life insurance at 70...grrrrr). There is a wealth of information here and wondered if it's been mentioned on the facebook group. I ask because I personally find it easier to navigate this forum than the facebook group. Hope everyone is staying safe!
  3. Hello, I haven’t been here in awhile but this site was instrumental in getting my finances in order. My latest question. Does the ERO refund count as part of the $18000 contribution limit for 2017? Thanks,
  4. Thanks Tony. I'm currently trying to talk my retired father into seeing a financial advisor. They live in Winston Salem but the nearest Garrett planning advisor is in Charlotte.
  5. I don't contribute much on the forums because I'm learning and shouldn't be giving anyone advice, but I wanted to thank you all for your contributions. I enjoy reading the discussions.
  6. Yes they do have a pension plan already. I'm going to sit down with him at some point and go over everything. The problem is that we're a 12 hour car ride from each other.
  7. I don't know why this didn't dawn on me before, but as I was responding to the post about my mother-in-law, I started thinking about my own parents. Both of them retired from teaching last year. I just called them during my off period. My dad had his whole 403b switched to an annuity after he retired.
  8. She asked me :) I wouldn't want to upset the mother-in-law relationship by forcing her into something.
  9. I thought that since she was so close to retirement, if she's going to get a certain percentage for the rest of her life, it may outweigh putting it all somewhere else. I'm not entirely sure how her annuity works.
  10. Thanks to this forum, after a lot of paperwork, faxing (who faxes anymore anyways), notary signatures, and some waiting, my wife is officially out of AXA. Both of us had our 403b switched to Fidelity and we are in the exact same 4 funds which makes life much easier. I have also talked 3 teachers at my school into reevaluating their current 403b situation and have another lined up for a talk after he gets married this summer. I'm not pushing them toward a certain vendor but I'm making sure they understand the fees that are involved with what they currently have. Two of the three teachers I've talked to are switching out of AXA. So the next question is, do I have the same talk with my mother-in-law? She has AXA and will be retiring in 2020. Would it still be beneficial for her to switch even though retirement is so close?
  11. Thanks for the great resource. I've learned a ton from this site over the past few months.
  12. I would suggest having the discussion board link as one of the options in the top right of the homepage.
  13. I'm just trying to figure out how his news should affect the changes I've been making recently. I have moved all of my 403b accounts to Fidelity spartan funds and have an 80/20 split using 4 funds. Within the 80% stocks, 70% is US and 30% is international. I made those choices based on advice from two different advisors. What Ken has posted makes sense and of course I'd like to be prepared.
  14. Hi Ken, I'm not trying to start trouble but what exactly is your agenda? Maybe you've posted something before and I missed it because I'm new to the forums. Are you trying to warn us, help us, sign new clients? I enjoy reading your posts (although most of it is over my head) because I'm trying to learn as much as possible to make sound decisions for my future.
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