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  1. OK. I misunderstood the information at the link I posted... Thanks for correcting me before I made a stupid mistake!
  2. krow36, thanks for doing the research on my previous posts. I'm not sure, though, why you think I want to do an after-tax mega backdoor Roth. I want to do it Pretax/tax-deferred. I would love to be able to do the full 18,500 employee contrib pretax, plus my $6K catch-up pretax -- and then, perhaps ANNUALLY until I actually retire, roll that into my Vanguard Traditional IRA, so I can better control my fees and allocations. I realize that I'll pay SOME fees to Valic, but would like to escape them as quickly as possible.
  3. I stumbled on an article about how the new tax law may affect me (https://www.madfientist.com/new-tax-law ) and saw info on the "Mega Backdoor Roth," but it references 401ks and not 403bs. I'm sure I'll have to talk to Valic, which I dread, to confirm -- but it sure sounds like (if my plan allows) I could do "in-service distributions" from my 403b into my Vanguard Traditional IRA, where I have lower expenses and fees, and more choices and control. I would potentially gain the higher contribution limits of my Valic 403b into my the Vanguard IRA which has quite low tax-deferred contribution limits. Is anyone here doing this already?
  4. Is there any mandate for investment companies (Valic, in my case) to complete the 403(b) model disclosures form? They're avoiding responding to me. My school district, at my urging, sent the form to them a couple of years ago and they partially completed it in response to that --- but I realized I hadn't gotten an update, so I requested it from our "advisor," and she's avoiding me, now. Which makes me not trust my investment company much. The instructions I've seen say that employers might want to consider modifying their contract with their provider to require this form be completed annually -- but my employer's benefit manager is not terribly on-the-ball about this stuff. Is there a legal requirement, for investment providers to public school districts, that anyone can point me to? I kind of want to use this to force the issue that, perhaps, my school district should consider putting out an RFP and start shopping around for another investment company! Thanks
  5. Thanks. The hijacking and overwhelm did throw me off. I was staying away from contributing to my husband's IRA(s), in part due to some marital instability (probably should've mentioned that) AND due to his age and impending RMDs from his Traditional. It may be worth consideration into his Roth, however. It's recently become known to me that withdrawals from the 403b are penalty free if for documented unreimbursed medical expenses. I thought about using the 403b as a pseudo Health Savings Account (I cannot afford to be in a high-deductible medical plan, never hit the threshhold for itemizing medical expenses, but would like to make them help me on my tax rate). Is the same true for my Roth IRA, does anyone know? Can withdrawals be made from a Roth for medical expenses, without penalty? And without being taxed, if the expenses are qualified?
  6. I'm not qualified to contribute to an HSA (I think - you have to have a high-deductible health plan to qualify, right?). But I'm told that qualified unreimbursed/uncovered medical expenses make withdrawals from your 403(b) penalty-free -- so if I have money to invest, and WANT to save for future out-of-pocket health costs (the quality of our insurance coverage degrades over time, and I expect that to be amplified if the ACA is repealed) -- are there any reasons to NOT use my 403(b) as my "self-managed HSA?" thanks
  7. A quick update - Valic pointed out the tiny print showing me a .6% administrative fee. I guess that's not awful? I will try to take the time to answer other questions about my situation as soon as I can! Thanks again, all.
  8. Sorry folks. I don't have dementia (yet), but I'm getting confused -- and this is one of the things I fear most about aging -- losing my grip on things I intend to do. I'm only 54, but I worry about my brain, already. It'd be nice if we had traditional pensions (like my parents had) that managed this for us. (Some would disagree, I'm sure.) My 403B is not a Roth. It's a TAX DEFERRED plan (which I'm pretty sure means that it's taken from my pay before taxes are figured, but I'll pay taxes when I withdraw -- right? Like a traditional ira). So ... Doh! Our 457 is also with Valic. I hadn't looked into it. Not sure why. I'm in Georgia. There's no state-wide anything here, except our Teacher Retirement (Pension) plan, which I am lucky to be a participant in even though I'm a central office employee and not a teacher. So I will have that to help, as well. I'm vested. Don't know what my benefit will be, because I'm not sure how long I'll last here! My "Recordkeeping Administrative Fees paid to VALIC from Fund Family" on the fund I'm in is .25%. The Dreyfus fees are lower (.1 - .15). I've just emailed our "advisor" for a copy of the Annual Participant Fee Disclosure. Pretty amazing that I can't just download that from my online account. Thanks for bearing with me.
  9. One of the reasons I come here is I DON'T have a lot of time or what I feel is the necessary brainpower to read/understand what I need to know (including your posts!) to invest well. So this response is NOT thorough, but what I have time for, sadly. krow36: I am ONLY in ACITX for about $300/month. I went conservatively and cautiously into my relationship with Valic. I know Dreyfus is usually good, so I'll reconsider that. I do NOT know what our "management wrap fee" is -- I'll research that further. sschullo: I distrust financial sales reps, and I don't think of my Valic reps as "advisors," but sales reps. Here's what FINRA.org says about our reps: http://brokercheck.finra.org/Individual/3249698 http://brokercheck.finra.org/Individual/Summary/5448180 I've tried conducting ALL of my business with them via email (so I have any promises in writing), but they act like they're not really interested if they can't talk you into what they want to talk you into. You are correct that my district offers (little to) no help. We are not a union district (I live in the deep south, where unions are considered evil). I'm on my own. I rely on organizations like 403bWise and the Bogelheads forums to help. I worked with a fee-only advisor at the Garrett Planning Network some years ago (not related to Valic) and came away thinking that I was already doing things better than she could tell me to, even though I have NO confidence that I'm doing anything better than (as I said previously) pure . I just try to diversity, monitor, and NOT pay fees/commissions, unless performance warrants it. Here's what happens when you're overwhelmed and try to use novice knowledge to manage your own retirement -- I gave you guys slightly wrong info about my retirement savings. My 403b is a ROTH 403b. What I actually did, to lessen tax liability (due to husband's increased income) was to STOP contributing to my individual Vanguard Roth IRA, move all of my Vanguard IRA investing over to a "Traditional" plan (didn't change existing assets, just contributions going forward), and invested in our ROTH 403b to offset the loss of my Vanguard Roth contributions. This is one reason I think that the movement toward 401Ks and away from traditional pensions is bad -- I have the interest and some knowledge, and I feel like I'm . Having just watched my own mother piss through a near-fortune just to manage her healthcare costs as she reached 93 years old and then died from cancer, I know I'll need every penny I can get my hands on. I cannot imagine what a gullible person will suffer at retirement time, if all they have available is a self-invested fund. I'm lucky that I AM a participant in a teacher pension plan, as well (even though -- did I mention? -- I'm a technology employee, not a teacher). Thanks everyone.
  10. My plan with Valic is called "GROUP MUTUAL FUND W/ FIXED ANNUITY (M021) GFUA-398" (tried to figure out how to attach/paste html, but came up empty - forgive the bad formatting, please!) Funds with expense ratios in the last column (this is quarterly performance report): AMCENT INF-ADJ BOND INV 4076 ACITX Inflation-Protected Bond 4.44% 0.98% (1.45)% 2.46% 4.18% 2/10/1997 0.47% AMER FUNDS EUROPAC R3 4740 RERCX Foreign Large Growth (2.47)% (8.87)% 2.96% 2.12% 3.28% 5/21/2002 1.14% AMERCENT CP PRES MM INV 5084 CPFXX Money Market-Taxable — 0.01% 0.01% 0.01% 0.93% 10/13/1972 0.48% ARTISAN MID CAP VALUE 5078 ARTQX Mid-Cap Value 6.19% (6.22)% 4.29% 7.24% 7.09% 3/28/2001 1.19% COLUMBIA INCOME OPPOR A 5426 AIOAX High Yield Bond 2.56% (1.40)% 2.65% 5.19% 6.42% 6/19/2003 1.07% DREYFUS BOND MKT IDX INV 4197 DBMIX Intermediate-Term Bond 2.89% 1.44% 2.01% 3.29% 4.41% 4/28/1994 0.40% DREYFUS INTL STOCK INDEX 4204 DIISX Foreign Large Blend (2.67)% (8.66)% 1.74% 1.80% 1.34% 6/30/1997 0.60% DREYFUS MIDCAP INDEX 4657 PESPX Mid-Cap Blend 3.68% (4.02)% 8.99% 9.01% 7.32% 6/19/1991 0.50% DREYFUS S&P 500 INDEX 4654 PEOPX Large Blend 1.18% 1.28% 11.27% 11.05% 6.52% 1/02/1990 0.50% DREYFUS SM CAP STK INDX 4205 DISSX Small Blend 2.57% (3.59)% 10.04% 10.07% 6.76% 6/30/1997 0.50% GOLDMAN SACHS SMALL CAP VAL A 5932 GSSMX Small Blend 0.26% (8.15)% 7.45% 8.63% 6.60% 10/22/1992 1.34% IVY MID CAP GROWTH Y 5608 WMGYX Mid-Cap Growth (0.76)% (10.26)% 6.13% 6.42% 7.32% 7/10/2000 1.23% JP MORGAN SMALL CAP GR A 4663 PGSGX Small Growth (9.34)% (16.28)% 5.12% 5.23% 5.32% 7/01/1991 1.33% MAINSTAY LRG CAP GROWTH R3 5841 MLGRX Large Growth (5.74)% (3.35)% 10.86% 9.15% 7.36% 4/28/2006 1.34% MFS GLOBAL EQUITY R3 6094 MWEHX World Stock 2.06% (2.53)% 6.86% 8.65% 6.66% 6/01/2005 1.22% NEUBERGER BER SOC RES TR 4571 NBSTX Large Growth 0.52% (1.60)% 9.75% 8.84% 6.60% 3/03/1997 1.03% PIMCO TOTAL RET ADMIN 4713 PTRAX Intermediate-Term Bond 1.73% 0.06% 1.27% 3.40% 5.74% 9/08/1994 0.71% T ROWE PRICE EQUITY INCOME R 5349 RRFDX Large Value 2.61% (3.61)% 5.78% 7.48% 4.85% 9/30/2002 1.20% T ROWE PRICE RTMT 2010 R 5116 RRTAX Target Date 2000-2010 2.21% (0.68)% 4.14% 4.90% 4.62% 10/31/2003 1.08% T ROWE PRICE RTMT 2020 R 5117 RRTBX Target Date 2016-2020 1.39% (1.79)% 5.63% 5.99% 5.02% 10/31/2003 1.16% T ROWE PRICE RTMT 2030 R 5118 RRTCX Target Date 2026-2030 0.65% (2.78)% 6.74% 6.76% 5.22% 10/31/2003 1.22% T ROWE PRICE RTMT 2040 R 5119 RRTDX Target Date 2036-2040 0.04% (3.53)% 7.25% 7.10% 5.36% 10/31/2003 1.25% T ROWE PRICE RTMT BALANCED R 5120 RRTIX Conservative Allocation 2.05% (0.56)% 3.11% 3.99% 4.30% 10/31/2003 1.06% VIRTUS REAL ESTATE SEC A 5208 PHRAX Real Estate 5.20% 3.16% 10.35% 11.09% 6.19% 3/01/1995 1.36%
  11. Thanks for the responses, everyone. As for switching to another provider -- that's my problem. My district offers one provider and, despite my pushing, has apparently no interest in putting forth the effort to find others, or more. So, as to the request that I post a list of providers, here it is: 1) Valic That's it. A few years ago, when I first considered making use of my district's 403(b), I was able to get my benefits office to have Valic complete the "403b Model Disclosure form" that I believe I learned about here. Unfortunately, I have a benefits office manager that is overworked, seems to like to be overworked, and offers very little "advocacy" on our behalf because they're too overworked. krow36, I used the wrong term. I should've said "non-deductible contributions," not "excess." Since my goal is lessening of current tax liability, I need deductible savings. I'm maxing out deductible contributions on my "Traditional" IRA with Vanguard, which is why I started up with Valic. I don't trust Valic, so hesitate to give them much of my money. I have reviewed my choices with Valic and, tony, I may just continue to be diligent about that analysis and stay with them. krow36, I did forget about my husband's spousal IRA contributions -- but, because he's approaching the age where "required minimum distributions" come into play, I had decided that it would be silly to put money into an account that we'll soon be required to take money out of. I will rethink that. Can I attach a PDF file into this post? I could show you our list of available funds, but it's only as recent as 2014 (yes, my benefits office does not do a good job of keeping things updated - I've asked them for something more recent, as even Valic's site doesn't seem to have this, for us).
  12. I am a non-teaching school district employee who has rolled prior 401K's into a Traditional IRA at Vanguard. I have an individual Roth IRA at Vanguard. I'm maxed out on my deductible IRA contributions. My husband (14 years older than me) is receiving his Social Security retirement benefit and has also started working part-time. (I have probably 13 more years of working, unless I hit the lottery.) To offset the tax liability from that, I started contributing a little to my district's 403(b) (pre-tax) which is with Valic. I'm not crazy about Valic's fees/reputation or investment choices. I probably need to contribute MORE, but is it stupid to invest in a not-cheap 403(b) with a not-great provider, or should I forget about tax liability and go with "excess" IRA contributions at Vanguard, instead? Or are there other options I'm not aware of? Any advice appreciated! Thanks
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