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  1. The "initial hiccup" that I referred to had to deal with my business office not understanding that i could set up my own account without the help of a Security Benefit "advisor." There was some back-and-forth between Security Benefit and my school district at the beginning of the account setup process to verify my employment status, etc. This took about two weeks to iron out. Again, being diligent--and checking on your application status--is key!
  2. Hey there! Since I last posted, I was able to set up my Direct Invest account with Security Benefit. Let me be clear, I set it up from scratch--on my own. There were a few hurdles to jump in terms of the initial application, and getting it cleared with my district's business office and Security Benefit. But, once my account was set up, transferring my money from my fee-laden 403 (b) nightmare was easy and quick. In sum, with the initial hiccup of setting up my account, the whole process took about a month and a half. Well worth my time this past summer. Perseverance was key, though. I did have to keep calling to make sure everything was moving along. I decided to set up my account with three Vanguard funds--Total Stock Index, Total International Stock Index, and Intermediate Bond Index. I may reallocate down the road--which is easy to do! I have complete online access and CONTROL over how I wish to move my money (unlike my previous account). In terms of returns, the market has been fluctuating, and so has my account. BUT, unlike my old account, I do see how returns are being reinvested. So, the bottom line? So far, so good. I'm more than happy to keep you all posted.
  3. I'm so happy to see that this thread has become active again! I recently submitted my paperwork electronically to set up a Direct Invest account. Once I have my account set up and in order I will be transferring all my funds from my existing 403(b)(7) to three of the eight Vanguard funds that are offered with Direct Invest. While setting up this account requires legwork on my part (the financial advisor for Security Benefit who is our school rep does NOT set up this account or assist in ANY way) in terms of initiating the account and rolling over my money, I'm counting on the prospect of MUCH lower fees to make up for years of lost ground. Does anyone have any updated information about how their accounts are doing with the Direct Invest option?
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