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  1. I don't think the $50 self directed fee applies in this case to CALSTRS pension 2. If I am reading it correctly the $50 annual self directed fee is if you open an account with TDAmeritrade as listed in the CALSTRS pension site for funds not listed. If I am incorrect will someone please correct me? Thanks
  2. CAlSTRS Pension 2 also has a workplace Roth (403B or 457) Roth. The contribution limit is $18,000.
  3. Another benefit of 403b and/ 457 ROTH accounts are no income limits. Roth IRAs are capped at $117,000 I believe. In Tech heavy areas and other high paying industries a married couple can conceivably hit the $184,000 income limit on ROTH IRA, but still be eligible to contribute to a Workplace ROTH (403B/457) if they are available. Jaw dropping but it happens. =)
  4. You might want to keep copies and contact logs of the transfer procedure. Sometimes paperwork gets lost in transactions.
  5. See if you have CAlSTRS pension 2 listed in your vendor list of eligible plans. They have a ROTH option and Vanguard as well as other funds listed in their ROTH account. Set up is online and pretty quick and easy. You should be able do a plan to plan transfer as long as your TPA (if you have one)services both plans. Especially if it is going from a Roth to Roth account. AXA does have a ROTH eligible mutual fund so I really can't see what the problem would be to roll the account over to that unless the advisor just doesn't want to.
  6. I am still in a back and forth battle with AXA and my TPA for what basically amounts to peanuts! ( $3,000). Yes AXA requires everything on THEIR forms. No they apparently don't accept a certificate or letter on the line where they need an actual signature. At this point I think both AXA and my TPA are entirely sick of me. Silver lining: when I did a plan to plan exchange from Industrial Allaince, thank to my AXA ordeal I knew enough to get all my ducks in a row, type out letters of instruction to each of the agencies handling the paperwork, And scan all of the paperwork before mailing it off so I had a copy for my records. The AXA paperwork is still in process while the one I started MORE THAN A MONTH after the AXA request has finished processing and is set to hit my new account any day now.
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