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  1. Hi all- My 71 year old mother just sold a house and has a lump sum to invest. She does not have any other income other than Social Security. I was thinking she should invest in an immediate annuity, although I've always shied away from annuities in general. Any advice on this or other places for her to invest to get a steady of income?
  2. Thanks all. After the 1st, I’m going to look into this further with Aspire. It’s great to have a community to turn to for answers. Happy New Year!
  3. I'm finally getting a hold of my finances and have crawled out from under AXA and away from a fee-based adviser, thanks to the New York Times articles and 403bwise. I do, however, have a question as I am moving forward. I just completed a contract exchange from class A shares in American Funds to Aspire, where I have another 403b to which I currently contribute. I understand that my money transferred in will not be co-mingled with my current account. Must I continue with the same American Funds under the Aspire platform? Or can I sell and purchase Vanguard funds, as I believe the fees are much lower. If I must keep the American Funds, can I at least change the asset allocations? Aspire referred me to their Class A shares expert, but I have not been able to get a hold of him yet. Thank you for your input.
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