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  1. I looked on the LAUSD Benefits Administration website and I could only find info a link to www.vrsco.com which is AIG run. I saw your post to LAUSDfred on June 6, 2007 about a mailing with all the links. I must have missed it. Do you have any links to the Vanguard 457? Could I look on Vanguard's website to get it set up? Much thanks in advance...
  2. I am a teacher in the LAUSD. My husband and I are already max'ing out my 403b and his 401k. We have extra money to invest/save and are in a high tax bracket. The only 457b LAUSD offers is with AIG VALIC, which I have read is horrible with hidden fees. Is a bad 457b like AIG VALIC worth investing in for the tax break, or should we invest in a taxable account?
  3. This link might help. I believe that there are 3 Vanguard investment options available that have low fees. Trying to confirm that. http://notebook.lausd.net/pls/ptl/docs/PAG...0HIGHLIGHTS.PDF
  4. BTW, may want to check out this LA Times article. http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-teac...1&cset=true And also this BB, 457
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