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  1. Thank you for you input. My wife and I are 33 and 32. I should clarify that when I said we are “at least 20 more years before retirement,” I meant possibly retiring from teaching in 20-25 years and finding other work to get us through to full retirement age. Our age makes me feel secure in being able to take a big hit from the market now and having time to recover before retiring. Additionally, our portfolio automatically adjusts to become slightly more conservative each year, to add security as we approach retirement. Here is the fee breakdown that I found online (We are not invested in Ivy Mid Cap Growth I or Janus Triton I, but those are option): Investment Name Gross Fee Per $1000 Asset Class Am Fds Europacific Growth $5.00 International Equity Blckrck Eq Dividend I $7.20 U.s. Equity Dodg Cx Income $4.30 Taxable Bond Ivy Mid Cap Growth I $10.00 U.s. Equity Janus Triton I $7.80 U.s. Equity Jhn Hnk Disciplined Val Mid Cap Fund R6 $7.70 U.s. Equity Jpm Large Cap Growth R6 $6.10 U.s. Equity Jpm Small Cap Equity $8.70 U.s. Equity Mfs International New Discovery R6 $9.60 International Equity Pimco Total Return Inst $4.70 Taxable Bond Templeton Global Bond Fund Advisor Class $7.10 Taxable Bond Victory Sycamore Small Company Opp $9.70 U.s. Equity Vnguard 500 Index Admiral Shares $0.50 U.s. Equity Vnguard Inflation Protected Secs Adm $1.00 Taxable Bond Vnguard Mid Capitalization Index Adm $0.80 U.s. Equity Vnguard Total Bond Market Index $0.60 Taxable Bond I’m not sure is the above fees are part of our annual fees, but I do not think they are since they vary by fund, and our annual fees are set. I just sent an email to Lincoln Financial to see what they say. How do I find out if there are other fees? When we signed up, we met with a representative from Lincoln Financial, who seemed like a salesman. He gave up the options of aggressive, moderate or conservative, and we chose a target retirement date, which determines the rate at which the portfolio becomes more conservative. I didn’t feel like he was trying to steer me into any particular option. I don’t recall having the Morningstar-managed option when we enrolled, but it is an option now. I do not know much about the 401a or the 457b, but there is no employee match. There used to be for the 403b, but it is no longer offered. Lincoln Financial Group is the provider of all three options. We were only presented with the option to participate with Lincoln Financial Group by our employer. I am not sure if I can purchase through other companies or not. I hope this additional information is adequate.
  2. My wife and I are both teachers in Maryland. Our only option for 403b investment is Lincoln Financial Group (www.lfg.com). The annual fee has been 0.43%, but we were recently informed that it will be reduced to 0.31%. I am currently enrolled in the “Aggressive” model portfolio because I have at least 20 more years before retirement, and I plan to switch to “Moderate” and “Conservative” model down the road. But, I do have the option of switching to a Morningstar advisor managed portfolio. My current portfolio balance is: · AM Fds EuroPacific Growth 24.00% · Vanguard 500 Index Admiral Shares 13.00% · Blackrock EQ Dividend I 11.00% · JPM Small Cap Equity 10.00% · Jhn Hnk Disciplined Val Mid Cap Fund R6 9.00% · MFS International New Discovery R6 8.00% · Vanguard Total Bond Market Index 6.00% · Other 19.00% In four years, I have contributed $11K, my current balance is $14.5K, and I have paid $95 in fees and expenses. I think we have a good 403b program, but I want to get some input. Should we stick to the plan, or see if I can get access to other options (TIAA-CREF, etc.)? Would it be wise to switch to the Morninstar portfolio? (I am not sure what the investment mix looks like) We currently put half of our contributions into a standard 403b and half into Roth 403b. Should we consider contributing more heavily to one or the other? We both participate in Social Security and have a state pension plan. We also have access to 401a and 457b plans. Thank you, Joe
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