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  1. MattP-Thank you that was very helpful. I was already planning on setting up a Roth IRA though Vanguard first but that just confirmed it for me. This past year, a friend had recommended Tony Robbins book "Money Master the Game" to me. If it wasn't for reading that book, I almost definitely would have set up an account with AXA. It is so true though that nobody is aware of the issue with fees. I've brought the topic up to as many people as I could in my school (young and old), and not one person was aware of the issue. I also find that since I am young and in my first year they are quick to discredit my thoughts and suggestions. Krow36 - Thanks for the information regarding the 457 plan. I recently brought this up to a coworker who seemed to think that my district doesn't offer a 457, but I will call HR this week and get a definite answer on that.
  2. Thank you krow36! I will look into this
  3. First, Thank you so much to 403bwise and specifically this forum for answering so many of my questions! What an awesome resource! I'm a 25 year old first year teacher at a school district in Long Island, NY. Same deal, AXA reps are in my teacher lounge once every 3 months talking to me about working with them. I wanted to use Vanguard or Fidelity but three years back they were taken off our participating service providers list. Below are the vendors that my school district offers now. I was wondering if any of these vendors have low fees? I know most are insurance companies. If not, is it better to not even invest through a 403b and instead open up personal accounts through Vanguard? Any help/guidance is appreciated! American Century Services LLC AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company GWN/Employee Deposit Acct Mass Mutual VA MetLife Mutual Inc/PlanMember Services NY Life Ins. & Annuity Corp. The Legend Group/ADSERV Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Voya Financial (Natl NY)
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