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  1. Good point. These two horrible vendors happened to be on our vendor list and I was only made aware of the self-directed options after visiting this site and Bogleheads. I know more than a few colleagues who have signed up for the Security Benefit Guaranteed Lifetime Benefit annuity garbage after hearing the Rep claim they are the only company sponsored by the NEA (the DirectInvest option is sponsored not Security Benefit).
  2. Hi FITeacher, I’m in NJ as well, Nutley. Definitely see if you can get Vanguard or Fidelity as mentioned above but, you may have more luck adding Security Benefit or Lincoln Investment. They are both terrible companies like the one’s on your list but, both companies offer great Self-Directed platforms with low cost funds. You would not use the Rep from these companies, those guys would just push expensive annuities on you. I say you might have more luck adding these companies because (and please someone fact check me and correct me if I’m wrong) they will pay the Third Party Fees instead of your district while Vanguard and Fidelity won’t.
  3. Purple Reign, Do you get a pension? Is the automatic 8% in 403 and 5% in 457 in place of a pension?
  4. I’ve had a chance to see statements for my family members’ 401ks. They’re all invested in something that follows steps 1 through 3 above. Without thinking they’re set up in something that I had to research myself. This is what people want. Unfortunately, I have doubts about this being set up in the 403b setting. It would require the business administrator to choose the sole provider. Is this possible? No doubt it’s ideal but can it be done legally?
  5. It’s scary. They all push the annuity with a “guaranteed return”. I hear some say a guaranteed 6% or a guaranteed 5% but, it’s always paired with a pitch about 2008 and plays on their fears. I’ve called some of the salesman pretending to be interested and it takes a few questions to get to the heart of what the “guaranteed return” actually is. It’s basically a guaranteed lifetime payment equal to 6% of the value of your account. But the pitch makes it seem like you get a 6% return on your investment year after year. Not surprisingly, the salesman do little to clear up this misunderstanding. People close to retirement go to these people for advice and they try to get them to transfer from one annuity to another. It’s pretty disgusting.
  6. So I submitted this to my union. Unfortunately, they have decided that they are unable to post this information on our union website. They are concerned about the liability of offering financial advice. I was unable to distribute information through school email and now I’ve been denied by our union. Since I’ve talked about this I’ve been able to help 4 people. I guess I’m content with getting this information out as people ask for it. thank you all for taking the time to look at this and for your feedback.
  7. I have a question about our contact negotiations. I haven’t been able to find an answer and I know there are many smart people on here that might be able to help out. We have been without a contract for a year now. Recently, we were close to settling when an issue with retro pay came up. The union was prepared to except terms of a new contract. The new contract included retroactive pay for the year we went without a contract. The board claims that we owe money toward the health care premium at the rate we would have paid if we were making the salary that the retro pay covers. The board claims we owe about $150,000 dollars toward health care premiums which they intend on deducting from our retroactive pay. Question: Is it common practice to deduct health care premiums from retroactive pay? As I understand it, the premiums were already paid for.
  8. I was torn on this whyme. In the past I’ve sent out similar emails and teachers have walked into the arms of mutual fund salesman pushing plans with huge wrap fees and slightly lower expense ratios. I’m considering this a start and if anyone contacts me I can go into more detail
  9. Here's a draft so far. Any suggestions would be helpful:
  10. Thank you you everyone! This is good stuff! I’m gonna start drafting a letter this week. I’d like to post a draft here before submitting it so you guys can look it over. Can’t thank you all enough for the feedback!
  11. I’ve been asking my union about getting information out about 403b’s in our district. Specifically, I wanted to let teachers in our district know about the two self-directed options: Security Benefit’s NEA DirectInvest and Lincoln’s Participant Directed Platform. I’ve learned so much in two years, visiting forums like this and bogleheads, and reading recommended books by authors like Clements, Makiel, Bogle etc. The union has agreed to allow me to draft a letter that they would make available to all staff members. I’m excited to write this but came here to ask a few questions and get some ideas. First, I think it would be best to keep it as short as possible. In my limited experience talking to friends about what I learned about these investments, the attention span of listeners is short and they tend to tune out when words like ‘expense ratio’ are used. Do you think it’s enough to just describe the self direct options and explain how to sign up for them? Or, do you think it’s necessary to get into why all other options are bad and expensive? My concern is holding the attention of anyone who actually starts reading the letter. Any suggestions would be helpful.
  12. I started getting serious about looking into my 403b after someone anonymously placed a copy of the NYT article in everyone’s mailbox. I doubt they cleared that with the office though. Since then, I’ve tried to send out information about the only self direct options available to staff members through email. The email was flagged by our district’s BA and she prevented it from going out. My only option now is to use our union website and post info there.
  13. Article on pension reform Act 5 found here may have some answers Krow: https://www.pennlive.com/opinion/2019/01/tax-proponents-biting-the-carbon-that-feeds-them-opinion.html
  14. Hi Debo, Does your district list Vanguard as an option to use for your 403b?
  15. Hi Matt, i would call and stay on top of them. You might have to call more than once. I think your main focus should be getting that account active and getting access to the online platform. I signed up using the Docusign online application and waited a long time before I had an established DirectInvest account. In contrast, I helped someone at work set up an account and they were good to go in just one week. Good luck. Let us know how it goes
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