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  1. Additional...... I spoke to the folks at Fidelity and they advised me they do charge a 24.00 annual fee which they do not waive and whatever the mutual fund itself charges. So an investor that places his or her money for example in their version of the total stock market index funds pays 10 basis points on behalf of the mutual fund expense and 24.00 per year account maint. fee. All of Fidelity's open ended funds are available and all of which are no-load. This seems like a pretty good deal. I am still waiting to hear from TIAA CREf, T ROWE PRICE and ICMA. Has anyone already done this research and knows which company will charge the least in fees aside from the already given mutual fund fees. Thanks


    Does anyone know what TIAA CREF charges in quarterly or annual fees. And in addition to those fees what other fees might one incur. I know the actual mutual funds have fees, is there anything else I am missing. I am trying to find a low cost provider.
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