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  1. Thanks for everyone's help. I think I have things figured out now! This forum is extremely helpful.
  2. I have been working in a district (New York state) where I was contributing to my 403b under plan member. I just got a new job in a new district. They do not offer plan member as a provider. I think I am going to go with Aspire. Should I transfer my old funds to the new 403b account? Should I keep them in plan member and just not contribute? If I do transfer funds, do I contact my new provider (Aspire) or the old one (plan member)? Thank you so much for any feedback!
  3. I recently got a job in a new district and was looking up my options for my 403b. I had PlanMember in my previous district, which wasn't too bad and I was able to choose some Vanguard mutual funds. Below are the options for my new district. Are there any recommendations? Through some initial research it seems maybe the Aspire or Legend Group may be best. I live in NY State. Aspire Financial Services AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company Mass Mutual VA MetLife NY Life Ins. & Annuity Corp. Oppenheimer Shareholder Svcs. RiverSource Life Insurance Co of NY The Legend Group/ADSERV Voya Financial (Natl NY) Thanks for your help!
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