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  1. I'm looking for sample 457(b) plans that we can use to develop our 457(b) plan. Any information or sample plans would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Brian: I'm sure if you went to any of the 25 vendors they could give you your answers. More importantly do you know what an M&E fee is and do you tell those that contribute to an annuity that this fee may represent more than half of the 2 cents referred to in a prior post? Or do you leave it up to the insurer's rep to communicate this essential information to the teacher? Do you feel your fiduciary responsibility is fully discharged just by adding vendors per employees request? Peace and Hope, Joel Thanks Joel for ALL your help! I'll be sure to pass your sage advice along to all our empoloyees.
  3. Joel, Our employees requested these vendors given their respective history with the vendor. We add others from 403b compare as employees request. Please let me know if you're able to assist with my 457(b) questions. Thanks.
  4. According to the LAUSD literature, to learn more about the AIG VALIC 457(b) plan and services, call 800/448.2542 or visit www.aigvalic.com Given what I know about the District, you would need to work through AIG for yoru 457(b) contributions. Good luck! Brian
  5. Please furnish the approved 403b vendors. Joel 403bCompare ID Vendor Name 1056 A I M Distributors, Inc 1035 Americo Financial Life and Annuity Insurance Company 1041 Ameriprise Financial Inc. 1021 Aviva Life Insurance Company 1067 AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company 1097 CalSTRS 1092 Great American Life Insurance Company 1135 Industrial-Alliance Pacific Life Ins Co, US Branch 1060 ING Life Insurance & Annuity Company 1108 Jackson National Life Ins. Co. 1046 Jefferson-Pilot Life Insurance Company 1036 Life Insurance Company of the Southwest 1024 Metropolitan Life Insurance Co -aka - MetLife, MetLife Investors, MetLife Resources 1043 Midland National 1144 Nationwide Life Insurance Company 1083 New York Life Ins. & Annuity Corp. 1121 Oppenheimer Funds Distributor, Inc 1171 Paul Revere Variable Annuity Insurance Company 1127 PlanMember Services Corp 1038 Thrivent Financial for Lutherans 1160 Transamerica Life Insurance Company 1073 Travelers Life & Annuity 1090 United Teacher Associates Insurance Company 1142 USAA Investment Management Company 1102 Vanguard Group, The We have the ability to add others and do as the need or request arises. Brian
  6. I'm the CEO of a charter school in Southern California. The school is its own LEA and currently offers 403(b) through multiple approved vendors. Are we able to offer a 457(b) plan to our employees? If so, what would be the next steps? Is there a site for 457(b) plans comparable to the 403bcompare.com site?
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