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  1. Yes, TIAA is now available through my school district. Was thinking of using TIAA Traditional in addition to another provider (NEA Direct-Invest or ASPire) within my 403b. Just want a small portion of my portfolio with a guaranteed minimum rate of return should the market go on its head like 2009.
  2. Wanted to see if anyone has experience with TIAA Traditional. Was thinking of using them to have some money in an annuity. Are the fees high? Any surrender period? Thank you.
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    Thanks for the info. Much appreciated.
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    I received clarification from our third party administrator, OMNI, that Aspire will be offered to us and not Fidelity directly (which is what we were originally told). Within Aspire, we'll have hundreds of options to select from including Fidelity, Vanguard, etc. Omni provided me with their fees: Fees charged to participants by Aspire: Annual Account Maintenance fee - $40 Custodian and Administration Fee – 0.15% of the value of the Account These fees will be assessed on a monthly billing cycle and will be assessed, pro rata from the assets in the Account. Therefore, our new choices will be TIAA, Security Benefits (NEA Direct Invest) and Aspire. This is a major improvement from what is currently available: AXA, Ameriprise and Lincoln Investments. Any feedback on Aspire would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Hi All, My district is in the process of approving the following companies for our 403b plans: -TIAA -Fidelity -NEA (Security Benefit) Our third party administrator will be with Omni (also new to our district) I would like to get your feedback from anyone who has experience with any of these companies. I would only consider Direct-Invest if I was to go with Security Benefit. We currently have the following providers: Ameriprise AXA Lincoln Financial. So, I would like to think the new providers will be a much better option for us. Thank you!
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