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  1. krow36...It all boils down to the number of options that are available in an IRA as compared to a 403B account. Having a brokerage account and the ability to buy individual stocks, etf's, and cef's give the IRA more flexibility in this area. The lesser fees within an IRA as compared to the mutual fund fees in the 403B would also factor into my reasoning. I am considering not rolling over the entire 403B balance so that I would have money available in an emergency if I needed it.
  2. Michael Devault, Thank you for the info. So, If I were to rollover a $500,000 403b account into 5 separate $100,000 IRA accounts on say January 12th, and then take a SEPP distribution on March 1st. of the same year I could use the $100,000 as the basis of my calculation or any balance of the account between those 2 dates as the basis of my calculation? On a side note, Is it OK to divide my annual calculated SEPP amount by 4 and take the amounts quarterly? (Fixed Amortization method)
  3. Michael Devault, You state, "When you begin taking distributions under the "substantially equal periodic payments" provision, the account balance used to calculate the distribution amount is the balance of the IRA at the time the distributions begin." Could you reference that. Everything I am seeing says I need to use the balance of the IRA on Dec. 31 of the previous year in figuring my SEPP amount.
  4. I have been unable to find a definitive answer to my question about mid year rollovers and 72t distributions. I hope someone can help. Both my wife and I (both will be 55 when retiring) plan on retiring and rolling our 403B monies into IRA's. We plan to roll the 403B's into multiple IRA's so as to add to our flexibility. We plan on withdrawing from the IRA's using 72(t) provisions starting as soon as possible. The rollovers will occur in January and February. What amount do we use to calculate the withdrawal amount since there will be no balance in the IRA's on Dec. 31 of the previous year? I would guess if I were to rollover the 403B monies into one IRA for each of us then I could use the Dec. 31 value of the 403B account. But I would like the flexibility of being able to fall back on a lesser RMD amount if circumstances warrant. That is why I would like to break the 403B monies into smaller IRA accounts. Thanks for your time and consideration.
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