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  1. Appreciate the help, Tony. I can roll over 10% from the AXA SEP plus money that is over 6 years old, otherwise there are penalties... something like 9% was it? And all new money comes from my employer right into my SEP - they contribute 5% and that's where the boneheads want to put it. For my 457, I choose whether to contribute or not, and right now, I'm putting in $18,500 per year. The other option is to not do that... but since I don't have another 457 option, I don't think I have another pre-tax option? I'll most likely be in a lower tax bracket after retirement, so a Roth will lose me money too. We're in union negotiations and supposedly I've gotten the union negotiators to agree to make the company shop around for new retirement plans, so we'll see - the union is new and these are initial negotiations. But there's no way I can transfer money out of the 457, is there? Or are there other options?
  2. AXA's aggressive salespeople locked my wife in and she has some money in there now - about $6k. I want to change it to one of other providers available to her. Please let me know what the best choice is for lowest fees. Unfortunately, Fidelity was removed, and there's no Vanguard either, which would have been no-brainers. Is it Aspire? Also, if you guys know if we're going to get screwed by AXA on rollover fees, etc. that would be helpful. See the image for the providers. As an aside, I also have a SEP-IRA ($25k) and a 457 ($105k) also locked into AXA, but my employer has them as their only choice with this 1985-era annuity that is absolutely savage on fees... 1.35% off the top for a "separate account fee" plus everything else. I've complained but my HR person has zero HR experience, my GM is unmotivated and nobody else knows anything. I transfer $ from my SEP-IRA to a Vanguard IRA annually via a rollover of the max amount I can that is fee-free, but beyond that, I feel helpless. As I'm maxxing out my 457 right now, I'm not even really sure I should be doing that or should I be using a different investment vehicle? FWIW, I gross about $98k and expect to retire in 17 years. Responses to either of these issues would be much appreciated.
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