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  1. Hey Moe, My third party provider is OMNI. Does that meant I cannot use Vanguard or Fidelity? The original post listed all my options. For Fidelity and Vanguard it says: "Please contact provider for investment type" . I wasn't exactly sure what that meant. Thanks for taking the time to respond to my post. -Duncan
  2. Hi, I was wondering if anyone could give some insight on 457b vs 403b. I'm a new teacher, 33 years old, my new york state retirement age is 60. My new school allows for contributions to a 403b and 457b. I made a post yesterday asking for advice on what 403b provider to choose. I got some great information in return. The response said my best options are : Vanguard or Fidelity. My 457 b option for new york state just says : New York State Deferred Compensation Plan. Do I go 457b or 403b?
  3. Ed & Tony, Thanks so much. I am 33 and I will be able to retire at age 60. -Duncan
  4. Hi everyone, I am a new teacher at a school district in New York State. I have a 403b and 457b option. My only 457b option is New York State Deferred Compensation Plan. Below are the 403b options. I'm not sure what it means when it says "please contact provider directly for investment types". Can anyone give me some guidance on the best option from the list below? Thanks! (F) (FI) (VA) (RIA) (MF) American Fund/Capital Guardian Aspire Financial Services 1-866-634-5873 AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company 1-800-628-6673 Cadaret, Grant & Co. Confidential Brokerage Confidential Planning - MultiChoice 1-800-822-9968 Faculty Services Corp. 1-845-297-0300 Fidelity Management Trust Co. Foresters Financial (First Investors) 1-800-423-4026 Lincoln Investment Planning 1-800-242-1421 ext. 4500 MetLife New York Life 1-800-225-5695 Oppenheimer Shareholder Svcs. 1-800-835-7305 P&A Administrative Services, Inc PFS Investments 1-800-544-5445 Putnam Investments RiverSource Life Insurance Co of NY 1-800-297-2012 Security Benefit 1-800-888-2461 Security Mutual Life of NY T. Rowe Price Trust Company The Legend Group/ADSERV 1-877-819-7455 VALIC 1-888-569-7055 Vanguard Fiduciary Trust Co. Voya Financial (VRIAC) 1-800-584-6001
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