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  1. I strongly do not endorse VALIC. I had to deal with them for years before getting out. However it is worth checking out what funds they have offered for your district's plan. It could be different in your area.
  2. Sorry for your loss. Did the Social Security Administration give you a reason why you are being denied benefits?
  3. We have a professional development bulletin board in our teachers lounge. We also have a whiteboard for union news. I think both of these would be a good place to post a copy of the NYT article.
  4. I full year of service credit is a big deal. It would be hard to pass that up. Congrats.
  5. Of course we must realize that the great first quarter just brought us back from our losses Q4 2018. Just keeping things in perspective 😀
  6. About 10% return for Q1 on my 65/35 portfolio.
  7. I'm about the same distance from retirement as you and I have the TR 2025 in my 403B. Vanguard recently reduced the expense ratios on these funds in their 403Bs. I think it's .09% instead of the .13% they have listed, but don't quote me on that number exactly.
  8. The main thing is put as much as you can afford in your tax advantaged accounts. It's always good to have a mix of tax deferred and Roth. Higher income years defer more. Lower income years do more Roth.
  9. https://www.investmentnews.com/article/20190304/FREE/190309976/vanguard-share-of-target-date-fund-market-becoming-obscene The drop to .09 expense ratio certainly doesn't hurt.
  10. Great news for you! The 403B(7) is non-annuitized and is a much better option for you for all the reason krow36 mentioned, plus I would assume, no surrender fee, and in general just easier to track your investments and performance. The "sub accounts" of traditional 403B annuities are very confusing and difficult to track what you are actually invested in.
  11. https://clark.com/insurance/variable-annuities-vs-life-annuities-by-the-number/ Not a new article, but pretty much straight to the point.
  12. When I switched my 403B to Vanguard the paperwork was called an exchange/transfer form. For mine it did require a signature of Third Party Administrator, so I had to mail it to them with a SASE and they forwarded it on to Vanguard. I'm not sure that every custodian has the same requirements though.
  13. True, but I have more in taxable then 403B (because of bad 403B choices most of my career), so I figure I might as well spend that first (pre 59.5).
  14. I read an interesting post on Bogleheads the other day. The poster was early 50's with a 50/50 allocation. He said that he only rebalanced one way, meaning that when stocks appreciated and hit his band, he would sell and buy bonds to get back to 50/50. But if stocks dropped, he wouldn't sell bonds to buy stocks. He just left it alone and continued to make his regular contributions as normal. I believe he had something like 20 years of minimal spending needs in fixed income, and wanted to keep it at that level.
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