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  1. My district consists of 2 schools. 1 person has a 457 through Axa out of both schools. I will be the first one to have a 457 through Lincoln and the first at my school. I have been trying to recruit people and make them understand the benefits of this plan.
  2. Right now I’m talking to the coordinator HR and Payroll she is working with the person above her in adding the 457. The person above her does not want to add but the coordinator said give her some time . Lincoln investment does have 457PDP just not with my district. When speaking with some one at Lincoln they could understand why it’s not available at my district. So not sure what the next step is or if I just should sit tight and see if the coordinator can get it done.
  3. Hi all Currently I have a 403b self directed plan through Lincoln investment. I am trying to open a 457 plan through Lincoln but it is not offered in my district (Hunterdon county NJ). The person(business admin in my district office) who is in charge is saying they do not want to add it at this time. Is their something I can do ? Who else should I speak with ? Axa has a 457 plan through my district all ready but I do not want to go through axa. Thank you
  4. Little update September 14th 2019 I can transfer money penalty free from axa. My Axa 1.34 %mortality/expense 1 %average sub account Total - 2.34 % I spoke with my HR about adding vendors suck as Vanguard and Fidelity this was the response “Thank you for the information but at this time we are not soliciting newvendors for the 403b plans.” I responded by asking nicely again and who else I could speak with response “At this time the Business Administrator is not adding any new vendors. Wehave three vendors available.” If I go with: LincolnInvestment Participant Directed Platform.. The goal is to be in control without an advisor correct? Should I go into all low cost vanguard mutual funds if offered ? What else is recommended ? thanks
  5. I am not sure about a state sponsored 457b. I will have to check into it. I have listened to the pod cast on how to approach the district about adding vanguard or fidelity . I have to think some more about this. Thank you
  6. Hello, New to the site and the discussion board. I have been teaching in NJ for the past 11 years at a High School in Hunterdon County. I currently have a 403 B through AXA with around 49,000 in the account. I have recently been looking into the fees and charges associated with my account. I am not sure about my surrender charges or my exact % that im being charged. I want out of AXA. I stopped my distributions, now not sure who to turn to. I have contacted my building rep about other choices available and we have 3 choices in my district: AXA Lincoln Investments Waddell & Reed My question is which company should I go with for my 403 B if any of these? Should I just invest elsewhere RIA and low cost mutual funds ? A 457 is available in AXA and Lincoln would that be a better option? Any help would be great. Thank you
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