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  1. Hello, I am a new teacher looking into 403B options and am seeking advice. After doing some research, I found that it is best to select an investment provider vs. an insurance, is this correct? If so, I have narrowed my choices down to Fidelity and Vanguard due to low costs and expense ratios (403bcompare.com). Can anyone provide advise or tips in making a decision between providers? Steve's post from 7/24 explored a similar question. However, I do not know the difference between an all-in-one vs. 3 fund portfolio. Is anyone willing to explain? Am I possibly overlooking another quality choice? My full list of options are: AIG Valic American Fund AXA (which I read on this site is to be avoided) Fidelity First Investors Franklin Templeton ING National Trust-NY Mass Mutual VA Metlife New England Financial Co. New York LIfe Insurance Co of NY Oppenheimer RiverSource The Legend Group/ADSERV Vanguard Wilton Reassurance Life Co of NY This is all very new to me; however, I am trying to educate myself and make the smartest decision towards my financial security. These posts and recommended sites have helped me begin to grasp the concept of saving for retirement. I thank you all greatly. *Note, I plan to retire in approx. 25 years. Thank you, bprisco
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