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  1. Thanks for your very thorough response. The beginning of school sidetracked my research into this topic, and also, we have moved and are now renting our prior home out instead of selling it. These were distractions, but in the end, don't change my goals. I have additional monthly income now that I need to account for, and need to figure out what my best strategy is in my current scenario. This is in addition to the almost 15% raise my wife and I got this year because of the McLeary decision. With rental income of potentially 30-40k (we have other rentals besides our old home) , the tax deferrals may become more important, but as I go on, I am more and more attracted to having some in ROTH accounts too. I am going to do some math and determine my best course of options. If I can get my district to accept a NEA DirectInvest with Planmember as a ROTH 403b, I think I will do that along with a 457 through the state system. For a ROTH IRA, I'll probably set that up with Vanguard or Fidelity. The first thing I will do is get the accounts setup with a smaller contribution set, and then once everything is set up and I have a clearer idea of my rental expenses, I can throttle my contributions to their maximum potential. Thanks again for your help and sorry for the delayed response.
  2. Ed, I was just taking the top recommendations from this thread and looking at them to see what the best option is. To me, it seems Security Benefit is the best option and can't see myself why I wouldn't go that route. I didn't realize that Admiral Shares were available with DirectInvest. I thought that was a competetive advantage that Aspire had.... but it appears I was mistaken. For now, I think Security Benefit Direct Invest will be the direction I go with the 403b, but I'd also like to setup a 457, which I don't believe is available in DirectInvest. While I understand this is a 403b website, curious if there are any top 457 opinions, or a site like this specifically for 457s. Thanks Andy
  3. I spoke to Lincoln Investment and it appears there PDP is very geographically restricted, so doesn't look like an option to me. That leaves Aspire and Security Benefit as the two front runners. Still haven't heard from Aspire, but I have been very passive this past week as I have been moving into a new home. Security Benefit seems to have the lowest overall cost in my options, but they also seem to have more limited selections than Aspire. How important is the vanguard admiral class that Aspire offers for .208% vs Security Benefit at .063%? I am leaning towards Security Benefit because of it appears to be the lowest cost of all my options, and I like that it is affiliated with NEA. Is the Admiral Class and additional options worth the 300% higher costs with Aspire? Of course, that is only an additional cost of .14% Also, there ARE some managed funds with the DRS that I am inserting here. Overall, their costs don't seem to be competetive with Aspire or Secrity Benefit.
  4. Thanks again. Looking into Lincoln Investment's PDP, it appears that it may be regionally available. I have a phone call in to them and am expecting a call back. Not sure if they allow this fund in Washington State. Looks to be NJ and Chicago areas only from the forums I read. I put a request in with Aspire yesterday, but haven't heard back yet. Security Benefit's options seem pretty cheap, but with limited access to funds. Overall, hoping that Lincoln is an option, but I am not holding my breath. I'll let you know what I hear back. Thanks for the advice.
  5. Thanks so much for your feedback. I have lots to learn, and more research to do. Initially I was thinking that I had two options. PlanMember or VALIC are the only ones that appear to offer ROTH 403bs. I got the impression that of the two, Planmember was the better. From what I have learned, Planmember Direct is no longer an option, at least for me. https://www.403bcompare.com/products/194 That being said, if the fees are as much as they look to be with the two options, I may just limit ROTH contributions to an IRA for now. The state run DRS has some options for the 457 that are under .2% in fees.... but their options are also pretty limited and it appears that I can come close, or maybe even better using Security Benefit or Lincoln. Thanks for the links... I will start more homework. Right now I am just at the shopping stage, so I haven't made any commitments to anyone. I only talked to Planmember so far to learn about the select program. While initially the .1% seemed reasonable, I later found that their funds were limited to more costly options, as pointed out above by Tony.
  6. Is planmembers $50 a year plus .1% high? Or is it that the funds I'd have access to have high internal expenses? Thanks
  7. I am starting my 16th year of teaching and just turned 40 this year, but really haven't done much for formal retirement planning until now. My wife is also a teacher and we are both planning on investing pretty heavily over the next 10-15 years with the idea that we might be able to retire early. We started a side business 12 years ago, and sold it 2 years ago, which gave us a significant financial boost, enough that we should be able to maximize two 403b's, two 457s, and two IRAs, allowing us to defer/invest approximately $90k of income a year. Due to the amount of $$ we are investing, costs are super important to us. We have other conservative investments, so we are really looking at the tax deferred accounts to be growth accounts over the next 10-15 years and beyond. Our plan would be to deffer enough of our income so that we'd be entirely under the 12% tax bracket. The gap between our AGI and $77,400 12% cap, we'd like to invest in a ROTH account. It just makes sense for us to pay 12% now on as much as we can. We'd be using the tax deffered accounts to lower our AGI, but then be using the balance as a ROTH up to the $77,400 limit, if that makes sense. It will maximize our lower taxes now, but in the future when we pull the $$, it will also keep our tax liability lower then, as the ROTH $$ we pull won't be taxable income. If anyone sees any holes in this plan, please let me know. The real reason for posting is that I think I have fairly poor offerings from my district. Of the list, I think that PlanMember is probably the best (from researching this site). Their retirement select product offers the 403b, roth 403b, and 457 accounts, and from what I am reading has a $50 annual fee, and a .1% annual asset charge, but then I get access to these R-class funds - https://www.planmember.com/programinfo/index.cfm?currentpage=PlanMember Retirement Select While I'd love to have an account via Vanguard, our district is not setup with them, and honestly, I don't know the pathway to make that happen anytime soon. Am I on track with my strategy and selection of PlanMember as the best option from what I have been given?
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