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  1. There is a pretty good thread on this board that gives more details. I estimate I've saved more than 20k in fees alone since I switched to direct invest from Voya.
  2. Go with Direct Invest. Just avoid advisor at all costs. Internet only and couple phone calls to set up. After set up, the website is great, automatic rebalance, and best of all nobody bothers me.
  3. I have the same Direct Invest option as you and it's great. I'm 5 years older and have it set up to 60/40 and it rebalances on my birthday. ( Great feature direct invest!). I couldn't decide on a allocation so I went with 60/40 figuring I could be doing MUCH worse in a hideous high fee 403b. I don't mess with small cap in fact I barely pay attention to the account at all and try myself busy with other things :). Have a pension too and am planning on using my roth 403b and 457 in around 5-6 years because I m thinking with two pensions (wife) that our retirement tax bracket could be similar to our working tax bracket.
  4. 457! Much more flexibility. I joke they should change the name of this website!
  5. Steve, I love reading your updates. You helped me develop my amazingly simple plan. While working we will be 60/40. When retired we change to 40/60. From your posts I know even 40/60 can provide nice results. All while keeping costs low. Hopefully all while trying to enjoy life and blocking all noise out.
  6. I'm probably the only one in a HUGE district who uses direct invest. I had no issues signing up at all either. Go for it.
  7. NEA Security Benefit has a "direct invest" option. There are many posts about it on this board. It is DIY. Do not call a salesperson and ask about it. Good chance they will act like it doesn't exist. I use it and it is great.
  8. Bashdash


    I believe I did read about catch up contributions while employed. ( Not the over 50 type)....
  9. Great responses. Find it very ironic to get help for this you have to go to anonymous strangers on the internet! Thanks Krow for helping many years ago save me thousands in fees!
  10. I would start by simply emailing personnel. Might be easier than you think?
  11. Go to omni403b.com and put your district in. Check to see if they are the administrator of your 403b and 457. The NY 457 is the best plan yet it is like a little secret that I doubt any of your colleagues even know exist. Super easy to set up too.
  12. Steve, I agree with you I bet I may be only enrollee in my huge district I am in. Same with the amazing state run 457 plan. Without krow36 I wouldn't have ever known. Yes, an anonymous helper saved my retirement!
  13. I enrolled a few years ago and had no problems at all. Couple calls and a little paperwork and it went through no prob. Website is great too. I have it rebalancing my allocation for me automatically on my birthday.
  14. What state are you in? Those choices look poor. Some states have a 457 plan available that few teachers even know exist.
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