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  1. I absolutely will be sharing all of the info you have shared with me, as long as that is okay with you!
  2. Oh, and here are the investment options they list.
  3. Yep, I am maxing it out and looking for another option to max out as well. It is the NYS Deferred Compensation Plan. There are fees, which aren't as low as Vanguard's, but for a school retirement option, it's not bad. There is a $20 annual fee plus these fees (which are specific to the plan I chose): Fees and Expenses as of 01-25-18 Gross Prospectus Expense Ratio 0.32% Net Prospectus Expense Ratio 0.32%
  4. Hi! I have been contributing to a 457 since last year. I'm looking for another option for my paycheck since the 457 (and 403) have a cap. I agree though, so easy and well worth it! No one seems to know it is an option!
  5. Thank you! I think NEA DirectInvest looks like the best option for me.
  6. Thank you! I think DirectInvest does look like the best option for me (so far).
  7. This is so helpful. Thank you! Sounds like I probably want the NEA DirectInvest as well? I'm assuming you looked over these options already? EA® Directinvest® Security Benefit SecurePoint Retirement Security Benefit Advisor Mutual Fund SFR® Program
  8. Sorry, typo: 403b ASP. I think it is through Aspire?
  9. Not sure if I replied correctly the first time, so here it is again..I just noticed that i left 403c BASP off of my list. It is an option for me. Should I go with them over the Security Benefit as the best option I have?
  10. I just realized I left one option off of my list...403 ASP. Would this then be my best option or still go with Security Benefit?
  11. I live in NY and currently have a 457, but I would also like to contribute to a 403b. The school district I work for offers some not-so great options. Of the choices given, should I try and find the "least bad" option? Or find another way to invest my money? My husband and I have maxed out our Roth IRA for the year and we invest a lot in Vanguard, but are looking to possibly zero out my paycheck (or as close to as possible) to help at tax time. When I ask others in the school district who they use, many have gone with AXA and many don't know the types of fees they pay. It's very scary. Any input would be so helpful. Thank you. Axa-This one is NO for me. First Investors Corp FTJ/L&M Financial ING National Trust Met Life Insurance Co NY Life Insurance Oppenheimer Shareholder Svcs. RiverSource Life Insurance Co of NY Security Benefit The Legend Group/ADSERV Travelers Life & Annuity
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