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  1. Email your payroll specialist and ask if Vanguard can be put on the list. I asked my district if they would add Vanguard as a vendor for our 403b and 2-3 months later it happened! I couldn’t believe it.
  2. Thanks for the help and advice!! You guys have a great forum here! I’ll have to investigate the tax implications of both. I like the withdrawal advantages of the Roth, but I definitely won’t be making as much $ when I retire. Thanks again!!
  3. My school district has some excellent low cost options in their 403b plan. I have both a regular Vanguard 403b pretax account and a Vanguard Roth 403b account. I’m currently putting $211 of my paycheck into my Roth 403b ($5,486 per year) and $300 into my regular pretax 403b account ($7,800 per year). From what I was just read at the IRS website, it appears that I can put a total of $18,500 in either my pretax 403b account or my Roth 403b account. Is that correct? Can I go over $5,500 in a Roth if it’s inside a 403b account? I’d like to put as much as possible in the Roth!
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