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  1. Tony - I was just trying to find and learn about the 2525 target plan that you mentioned with Vanguard and I'm not finding it. I did find the 2030 plan though. Is that the same thing?
  2. Tony - I am unsure about the Roth 403b option. I feel like I can contribute more to a regular 403b now since the net amount of my check won't take the full hit. And I'm pretty sure that I will be in a much lower tax bracket when I retire - unless I get married. Does that sound like a solid thought process - or should I be looking at it differently? I do see the value in the Roth 403b since the earnings aren't taxed when withdrawn (given the current tax laws) and that withdrawals from a Roth 403b can be used to keep me in a lower tax bracket if need be. Do I understand that advantages correctly?
  3. Krow36 & Tony - I do have a small traditional IRA with US Bancorp and a 401K with Empower through my previous employer. I read that leaving the 401K with your previous employer can be the way to go. Is that a bad idea or are there specifics that I should know before making that decision?
  4. Tony - After thinking about a bit longer, I guess the fact that the 457b doesn't have a early withdraw penalty isn't that big of a deal for me. I'm 55, so it's only 4.5 years until I can withdraw the money anyway. It's really nice to hear that I have been presented with some good options! I need to learn about the index funds and target funds that you mentioned. Once I select a vendor, I'm not sure what to select from that point. I sure appreciate you two chiming in with all the advise!
  5. Krow36 - The 457b Oregon Savings Growth Plan did look good, but from what I’ve read Voya is the vendor that my employer chose for that plan and their consumer reviews didn’t look great to me: https://www.consumeraffairs.com/finance/ing-direct.html
  6. I thought the 457b plan was the better option at first because there isn’t an early withdraw penalty. Thanks for your suggestions! I will need to read up on them – this is new subject matter for me and I want to make a smart choice.
  7. My employer offers the 457b and 403b plan options. In my research of those plans I determined that the 457b was probably the best option, however then I read bad reviews on the two vendor options that I have for that plan. Does anyone have any feedback regarding these two vendors – should I avoid them and consider a 403b plan instead? If so, any advide on which 403b vendors would be a good option? 457b Vendor Options: AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company Oregon Savings Growth Plan 403b Vendor Options: American Fidelity Assurance Company American Funds Distributors, Inc Ameriprise Financial AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company (Roth 403(b) accounts available*) Fidelity Investments (Roth 403(b) accounts available*) Foresters Financial (Roth 403(b) accounts available*) Lincoln Financial Group by Lincoln National Corporation (Roth 403(b) accounts available*) MetLife (Roth 403(b) accounts available*) OppenheimerFunds Distributors, Inc (Roth 403(b) accounts available*) Protective Life Insurance Co. ReliaStar Life Insurance Company (Roth 403(b) accounts available*) Standard Insurance Company T. Rowe Price VALIC (Roth 403(b) accounts available*) The Vanguard Group (Roth 403(b) accounts available*) Voya Retirement Insurance and Annuity Company (VRIAC) (Roth 403(b) accounts available*) Waddell & Reed, Inc )
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