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  1. Thank you krow36. I'll share the article with my father who was talking about making his money stretch. This should actually be posted on senior forums too.
  2. 5 million - the FIRE just got doused. 😥
  3. Thanks Tony. Looks interesting. Frequently I enjoy the story behind the authors, and yes that means I spend a lot of time reading about the authors and their other work! It's the same with s. I used to make note of things I needed to look up/read up on post its. The space above my table got a tad fuller than I expected. 😊 I eventually started using virtual flash cards to maintain my hobby/interest. My friends make fun of my interest, but I think it has introduced me to a variety of interesting things in this world. It's amazing to see the variety of things people do to in life. Well, I'll read up about the father-daughter duo.
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