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  1. So my district has incredible 403b options. Fidelity and Vanguard. We're lucky. But my one 457 option is Encompass More. Not good I know. The HR dept. sent me a list of 457 providers that my 3rd party company NBS Benefits commonly uses. She said we should be able to get some of them if I wanted to try, which I'm going to. Most of the 40 are garbage, but Aspire is on the list. Does anyone know their exact fee structure? I heard you may be able to invest in index fund with Fidelity and Vanguard? My second questions is regarding NEA Direct Investment. I know they are an option with the 403b. How about with a 457? Thanks everyone?
  2. Thanks for getting back to me! 1. Single 2. 22% tax bracket - although within $2000 of the next tax bracket. 3. Still 22% tax bracket at retirement - much to my surprise after just checking. 4. I do not contribute to a Roth IRA right now. Thanks again so much!
  3. Hello everyone, I'm new here. My third party company at my school district recently changed. With that, came some positive changes for me. One is that I previously wasn't able to contribute to a 457. Now we have one. Not only that, but I can pick between the Roth or pre-tax. My vendor for the 457 b is Encompass. As far as my situation, I am almost 53. Have been teaching in CA for 25 years. I will retire in 6 1/2 years, 2025. I currently make $104,000. I also have a 403 b. I will continue contributing into that, and have Vanguard as an option which is awesome. My questions are: 1) Encompass? I can't find anything about them. Has anyone heard of them? How are the investment option, fees, etc. 2) With my new company, I can now pick either the pre tax or roth in both my 457 b and my 403 b. I am curious what everyone thinks would be best?
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