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  1. Hey Guys, I applied online to SB NEA Direct Invest and it took about a month but I just recieved a letter from them stating that they’ve recieved my application but are unable to establish a new account because they have not recieved the employer documentation. I need to “contact my employer to submit the required plan documents” and have no idea what this means. I sent over to the BA office a salary reduction agreement yesterday and I am not sure if this is what they need. Also, who has my “plan number”, is this something I get from SB or my school directly? Thank you, TonyZ
  2. K so Type of funds also has a direct correlation with the fees and costs of the fund. I’m glad I can pay less fees with Direct Invest. Thank you
  3. Okay, I think I get it now. This is like another language but once you know it you get it. Bc of the type of funds provided is why it’s a 403b(7). So much to learn. Thank you
  4. Hey Guys, I have stopped my contributions to Axa and have signed up with NEA Direct Invest. I have done some research and want to make sure I’m correct, a 403b(7) is a self directed tax sheltered account? Thank you
  5. Hey Guys, Hope Everyone had a great week. I stopped my 403b payments to Axa and applied online to NEA Direct Invest and waiting to hear back from them. Question: The account is listed as a 403b(7). I did some research and I just want to make sure that I’m right. From what I gathered because it’s self directed it’s a 403b(7) and not a 403b. Is that correct? Thank you in advance.
  6. You did thank you I misread it.
  7. Here is the funds provided by Direct Invest and fees. Any thoughts on what funds I should invest in. thank you
  8. Tony thank you and thank you everyone.
  9. I have had this account with AXA for 12 years. I understand the surrender fee I believe many have said its worth it and I agree. Tomorrow I’m going to download all paperwork from SB on DI and read it over and if I have any questions I will reach out. Thank you
  10. Good afternoon any insight to the following information I received today would be greatly appreciated. I stopped all payments effective this month. According to Axa Rep: My fees for this year were 2.28% growth is 36% paid in 66k Currently have 88k After further investing approved 403b investors are (no Aspire even though one of my colleagues was put into it by Rep.) AXA Equitable Great American Lincoln Investment Metropolitan Life SecurityBenefits Life
  11. Thank you again very informative. Great idea, I will find out what 403b plans are offered, right now no one knows if there are more providers than Axa Lincoln financial and Aspire. I’m 37yrs old and I can retire at 55 and will have 30 years service credit. I have no investment experience but I’m willing to learn and research if it can help me save more money. Is a one fund TR worth the extra cost of 2-3% total profits in comparison to a three fund portfolio?
  12. Hey Everyone, Doing my research about Aspire to see what investment options they provide and I can’t find any forms with Fees or expense ratios just the investments? Do I have to contact them to get an investment and fee packet? Thank you
  13. Guys, Thank you, I had to do more reading and researching but I’m starting to get it now and understand what you are saying about it being easier to roll it over into an IRA if there aren’t other options. I spoke with a co-worker who moved from Axa to Aspire using our districts TPA so I know my district has it available but they never told anyone. I looked it up online on Aspires website and my school district is there. I have a few more questions and thank you in advance. I’m reading the application as we speak. How do I get my money over? Would it be a transfer or roll over? How often do you rebalance? Is this to protect your risk or reward? I was thinking annually? Just want to make sure from what you are saying I shoud I fill out application on my own without the TPA or should I have him fill it out and say self direct and is he obligated to do it?
  14. I apologize I missed the post. Thanx
  15. Hello All, My question for the NEA Direct Invest for my 403b is “can I do this on my own or does this program need to be provided/allowed by my district?” Also, any insight to how it is and how difficult it may be to set up and maintain? Thank you, TonyZ
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