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  1. Thanks for the valuable advice, Krow! I have yet to check out their website, and will definitely reach out to the 403bwise community if there's something I'm not sure about. Thanks again!
  2. Krow, can you please direct me to jebjebitz post with the SB office number? Would love to read that discussion thread as well. Thanks!!
  3. Thanks, Krow. I found the page you were referring to! Ditto, Whyme. That was the same method I used to located their fee information. Makes me wonder how the info Krow found reconciles with the information on the Retirement Plan Fees page? Or are these fees in addition to the annual 0.14% mentioned?
  4. Hi, Krow36. The link you posted doesn't seem to work-- it comes up with a "System error" window. Can you please direct me to the web page where you found the quote on admin fee info? I found a description of their fees on this page: https://www.marylanddc.com/iApp/tcm/marylanddc/about/how_do_they_work_fees.jsp Which is the same info Whyme just now posted πŸ™‚
  5. Thanks, Ed! And Tony for the confirmation ☺️
  6. Hi! I am a teacher with Prince Georges' County Public Schools in MD. Earlier this month my employer changed over to US Omni. I'm hoping that the 403bwise community can help me decide on the "least of all evils" among their list of service providers. They have a list of service providers under both a 403b and a 457b plan (see attached). It's about the same vendors for both types of plans... I am hesitant to invest with TIAA after hearing about their 2017 fallout. I've learned more about Aspire on this discussion board, and was wondering if that may be the best option from the list. Something I've recently learned about through this discussion board are state-sponsored supplemental retirement plans. I'm still in the process of researching this program in my state. I'm hoping that it may also be a viable low-cost investment solution for my retirement plan. Finally, just want to add that I'm really grateful for this community and for Dan & Company for establishing this valuable resource and platform for teachers!
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