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  1. I contacted my district office because I found on the NYS Deferred Compensation 457 site that my district was participating, but my district said they do not participate nor do they have plans to. So the battle begins ...
  2. 457 plans are definitely not on my district’s list, but I will definitely do some research into it. Thanks so much. I didn’t realize that even if they didn’t have vendors it was a plan I could still participate in.
  3. I recently heard about the 457 plan from a NYS employee that is NOT a teacher. From my research I don’t believe I can start a 457. Am I off base with this? Is that something I can start?
  4. Hi all! I’m in the market for a 403b and just wanted some advice for a New York State teacher. My options are in the attached po. I am not interested in an annuity only 403b. I’d prefer a Roth 403b if available. In my research it seems like the NEA Security Benefit might be my best option, but I would love to get some other opinions. Thank you!
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