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  1. question:Won't I save in the long run if I continue to fund 457 pretax? Started out late in 457, so will have about 12 years total of contributions. Been maximizing in TDA 403b since started at the DOE and will have a nice amount given contributions and 7% fixed earnings. Will likely retire in 7-10 years.Seems that given below, I should just continue to contribute to 457 pretax. Am I missing something?a. 457 pretax contributions, so currently saving on federal, state, and city tax now due to lower taxable income. b. 457 withdrawals subject to all taxes, but allowed $20,000 annual state deduction.c. If I fund Roth, then current contributions subject to all taxes. Will I earn much in 12 years to make difference? d. Given expected pension, unless brackets change, I will probably remain in the same tax bracket. Thank you, R
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