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  1. Thank you all so much! I have some investigating to do. Dan-no problem on the delay. I can’t explain how much your podcast has helped me and I’ve been passing it along to fellow teachers who love it just as much, so thank you! I am teaching in Illinois (Cicero to be exact). I do not have a Roth IRA, but definitely interested in looking into that option.
  2. Hi everyone! I just learned about this site/the podcast. I'm in my 5th year of teaching, but do not currently have a 403b plan. I'm depressed because my district doesn't have Vanguard as an option which seems to be the favorite one. My options are: Metlife, Valic, Lincoln Investments, Voya Financial/ReliaStar, and AXA advisors. My district endorses Valic, but I've heard negative things. Does anyone have an opinion on one, or experience (good or bad). Thanks so much in advance!
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