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  1. Thank you all for sharing your insight, I definitely take all your advice into consideration when I adjust my allocation in the near future. I have more than enough funds in my portfolio and I agree that I should keep it more manageable. It's that FOMO mentality I am battling with. Let me provide a bit more background information on my current allocation. I was very lucky that I started working exactly around the 2008-2009 great recession and also started my contribution during that time, some very small amount though as I barely started working, wish I was able to dump $19,500. And around fall of 2019 I thought the market was running a little too and rebalanced my account to about 50% (TIPS and Money Market) totally regretted that after the market continued to rip to new highs. Then came the pandemic was very glad that my portfolio didn't take a big hit in March. I made some minor adjustments, moved about 10% from Money Market to Growth and Value in March and April thinking the market would take a long time to recover and missed out on that V-shaped recovery on the other 40% of my portfolio in "cash position". My current portfolio consists of TIPS 40%, Value 20%, Growth 15%, Bond 5%, Real Estate 5%, International 10% This is about ratio of 55/45 equity to bond. My thinking is that if the market crashes, especially the growth segment, it's a good time to average in to increase my exposure to equities and once I get to about 70/30 or maybe even 80/20 I'll change back to a more conservative approach. Again thank you all very much. This is such a wonderful platform and I have learned a lot from you all and saved a ton of money in the process.
  2. In addition, I'd like your opinion on my current 403B allocation. Age: 38 Current Contribution: 403B $19,500 - no Roth option 😞 40% Vanguard Growth Index 20% Vanguard International Growth Index 20% Vanguard Value Index 10% Vanguard Small Cap 10% Vanguard Real Estate Is this too aggressive? Thanks, Tina
  3. I see, thank you for all your help!
  4. Hi all, been a lurking member for awhile now, really enjoy reading and learning these posts about 403b and investing. My question surrounds how Vanguard charges/bills for fees on expense ratio. Based on my transaction history I see that every month a $5 monthly fee is taken out which totals to the yearly $60 fee. However, I never see charges relating to expense ratios (transferred my 403b from another provider in August of 2019 where I clearly saw third-party managing fees and charges for expense ratios). Are these fees automatically adjusted by Vanguard when monthly contributions are made?
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