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  1. My wife is a teacher and was contributing to a 403(B) through AXA Advisors. Half of the contributed funds are pre-tax and half are post tax. When we got married we decided we would like to only have two IRAs. One Roth and one traditional. We contacted AXA and the representative is adamant we cannot rollover/convert the 403(B) to an IRA without a qualifying event. She could not give me an example of what this was. I'm afraid she is thinking we are trying to take an early distribution based on the verbiage she used. Does anyone know what she might be referencing? I can't find anything on the IRS website or ERISA that states we cannot convert these funds. Additionally, my wife changed school districts in 2017 and the fund was transferred to the new school district as the employer - I know you can't transfer funds if you are still employed by the same employer but are we able to take the funds contributed (plus earnings) from her first job and rollover to an IRA? She has not made any contributions to her 403(B) since she changed jobs. Thanks in advance for any help
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