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  1. Admin (Dan I'm assuming from Steve's post), The 457 with Empower is, or I thought, was exclusive. According to this article the 457 is now going to be offered by National Life Group as well, which seems odd as I thought most districts had only one 457 provider. The other issue is in Riverside we were supposed to have a blanket "no commissioned" agents/advisors on school grounds which this will be violating, I assume. I do not really understand how all this works, my other concern would be with regards to these National Life Group advisors writing policies for Empower, which sounds even more confusing. The whole point of using the FBC and Empower plan was to not have commissioned agents on the premises. If you can shed light, thank you. Anon
  2. I am a simple individual in Riverside, CA that is familiar with the FBC/Empower plan in the districts. I was suggested to go to this website to inquire on this correspondence I received. As I wish to remain, anonymous due to my employer, we recently received this correspondence regarding changes in the 403b/457 platform in Riverside and San Diego. I am very confused and concerned as this is was just sent out on July 1, with no prior warning. I am attaching the correspondence for review and will post this on the 457 forum as well. If anyone can answer the questions below I would appreciated it. 1. Why are they sending 3 agents from Utah when the district already has agents from Empower? 2. Dan Puplava, the FBC director, is appointed with this "National Life Group" isn't that a conflict of interest? 3. How is a fixed annuity with surrender charges a 457, that can then have them waived (very concerning) 4. The individuals from Utah seem to be sent exclusively to the Riverside and San Diego areas, which is strange, no? 5. Who and what is Leafhouse Financial (managed money?) If anyone has any additional insights, I would appreciate it. Regards, Concerned Individual https://drive.google.com/open?id=1INPmmQcYC2uczJEUHvDfFN0y63sw6PgG https://drive.google.com/open?id=1MsqqVcJ6I9zK3pOslaBMcpMbyvmGYMtt FBC Connection Newsletter 072019.pdf FBC Letter to CBO_HR_SUPINT_072019.pdf
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