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  1. https://www.wsj.com/articles/new-york-state-officials-open-probe-on-403-b-sales-to-teachers-11570031322
  2. https://www.wsj.com/articles/new-york-state-officials-open-probe-on-403-b-sales-to-teachers-11570031322
  3. NYAdmin


    At Moe Money- The answer to your question was that I stumbled upon this site as I was trying to figure out what to do with 403B options with my new employer. At EdLaFave- Thanks for the input. So, I guess I answered my own question #1 and will invest in an IRA. Can I just go to any financial institution to do this (example, I have an existing account with Schwab) or is using a company such as Vanguard easier? I do not have the ability to manage the money myself. Also, Ed. I looked at your recommended reading and am wondering about your statement that the Three Fund Index takes hours per year to manage. I think I'd go with 50% Total Stock, 25% Total International and 25% Bond. What is there to manage? Can't I just declare my funds, then let the sit? Also, it looks like my husband also has a percentage money from his 401K invested in Vanguard's Total Bond and Total International as well as a bunch of other Vanguard Funds. Is it not wise to both have money going into the same fund? Any thoughts, thanks.
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    I glad I just found this page and need to do some more reading. My question (scenerio); recently changed districts (New York) that provided me with OMNI choices that include: Vanguard Fiduciary Trust, Fidelity Management Trust Co., Roth- Axa Equitable, Roth-Fidelity Management, Roth-Mutual/Plan Member, Roth -Voya Financial (Nat) along with 20 other companies. From my brief reading of this site, it looks like Vanguard is the recommended company?? These are some of my initial questions and I would really appreciate any input. I can answer most education questions, but finance is not my area. I am about 10 years from retirement and have two kids yet to go to college with little to no savings for that, but would like to pay for as much college as I can. I have a little over 200 grand in Brighthouse Financial 403B from my previous job. It seems that similar recommendations are to roll that over into a traditional IRA and start a new 403B with my new company. I would like to contribute the max to my 403B. 1. What is the best thing to do with the 200+ Grand? 2. Which investment company is the most recommended for the new 403B? 3. Is it possible to split the max contribution into both Roth and 403B? I'm aiming for $19,000. (Combined married income is over 200 Grand, so I read somewhere I can't do that?) 4. If Vanguard is the preferred way, which funds are recommended with my profile? 5. If the Traditional IRA is recommend for the old money, does anyone have specific fund recommendations? 6. Any recommendations for college saving funds. HS Junior and 8th grader. I also have a very large monthly mortgage payment until about retirement age. I do understand that your input is your personal opinions and welcome all input. And I'm sure I may have more questions in the near future, any help is truly appreciated.
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