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  1. I DID enroll. I have a written letter from the company stating I enrolled. This is not a paper work issue. The issue is that my school changed my enrollment 6 months later to 0 percent without my knowledge. Is this legal? It sounds like noone knows. Whether they contributed or not - whatever - they never put my money in this account. WHY - is a great question. I think they have massive turn over and made a clerical error. My employer says I was never enrolled. That is false. I have proof that I was.
  2. I don't have statements because no money was actually ever put into the account. I have a letter from principal that states that i was enrolled at 4% and then my employer changed my percentage to 0% approximately 6 months later without any notification to me at all. My question is whether this is legal. My employer states I was dropped because I never enrolled. This is false because i have a letter from principal stating that I was initially enrolled. Is it legal for an employer to go in and change your percentage without any notification to me?
  3. No, I never made contributions and there was never any money put into this account. So therefore, I never received a statement. To be honest, I didn't know you received statements so I was never looking for one. My issue is that they lowered my percentage to 0% without any type of notification to me, essentially dropping my plan. Is this legal? I want to file a complaint somehow so that this doesn't happen to other people at this school. OR is it not illegal and I should move on?
  4. Sorry for the long response time. I can't do anything until I receive a transaction history from Principal (carrier of the 403B), which takes weeks. Let me provide more details, I apologize now for using any incorrect terminology as this is not my field and I am learning. After 5 years working for my charter school in NYC you become "fully vested" (Yes, Ed, employer contribution), so I decided to check my retirement account at Principal. (Full disclosure, hadn't checked it in 5 years. (And side note I am paying dearly for my ignorance and many things I did not fully pay attention to and won't do again, lesson learned). Anyway, I just trusted this money was there, etc. So I was shocked to find out that there is/was 0.00 dollars in this account. I'm like, what the hell? So I call principal and they tell me that I was enrolled at 4% in Sept 2014 and my employer changed my contributions from 4% to 0% in Aug 2015. I was never notified, knew nothing about it and would guess that this is some clerical error from someone who had been doing their job a whole of 2 months. Bottom line, I'm thinking I have retirement contribution. And in traditional Charter school style turnover the people in HR now aren't the ones from 5 years ago. They are telling me that I never enrolled. Principal says otherwise and I've been waiting on this document for a minute. As of Sept 1 I will also no longer be an employee, so they aren't going to get an opportunity to make it right by allowing me on the 403B at this point. My questions: is this legal, is it worth pursuing? I know I'm out what I should have put in but I at the very least want to file a complaint (with who?) and the most maybe recover the 4% my employer should have been contributing to this account. What should I do now? Thanks for your help and advice!
  5. I found out today (as I was preparing to leave my job believing I had finally reached my 100% vesting) that my employer dropped my 403b plan 6 months into my employment without my knowledge, notification, nada. Is this legal? I work in a charter school in NY.
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