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  1. Thank you all for your ideas!
  2. Hi! I'm so happy to find a place where teachers (and those that care about them) are talking about investing. I am a teacher in a very small, rural district in Oregon. My district offers a 403b match of $30 per month but I am told the only options for this are American Fidelity and Foresters. I'm leaning towards using Foresters with the minimum needed to get the match since it is not an annuity and does not have the high surrender fees that American Fidelity does. However, it looks like Foresters funds do have up front fees of around 5%. Sigh. So both seem like poor choices- yet I feel I should use this match opportunity. Anyone have experience with these two and ideas of which one might be better if I have to use one or the other? Fortunately, we also have a 457 available which has low-ish fees (the Oregon Savings Growth Plan), so I am mainly saving in that. I hope to start informing colleagues and working with the district, trying to get a better 403b option added. I am particularly worried that the rep from one of the 403b companies is presented as "our retirement guy" in this district. I seriously thought (for my first couple years teaching here!) that he was a district employee! This was my impression from emails where the district helps him set up his advising appointments, that he is given the meeting room when he visits, and the way he was presented and introduced. I'm concerned that my colleagues are being misled. Most seem to invest there (and don't use the 457). Thoughts on how to help open eyes to this? Thanks for any ideas or thoughts and I am grateful to find a place to talk and continue learning about all this!
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