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  1. Hi, I am new here, so I hope I am posting correctly. Mass Mutual was the only 457b option for my Oregon school district. I couldn't actually find accurate fees and expenses so I made an appointment drove 30 minutes to get them. Worth it. High fees and multiple fees Mass mutual hidden away. I am pushing my district to adopt low fee OGSP - Oregon Growth Saving plan. It seems like 457 fees associated with OSGP are much lower than the 457 fees with the current and only Woodburn 457 provider, Mass Mutual. ( there seem to be MANY Mass Mutual fees and expenses in the 30 page agreement. I was able to get a a summary from Wayne Muller which I have attached.) MASS Mutual - example Large Cap Am Century Ultra Invest Mgmt Fee 0.99% 12b-1 Fee 0 Other Expense .02 Total Annual Underlying F.O.E fee = 0.97% Mortality, Expense and Admin Charge= 1.25% fee to CUSO Wayne Muller .35% Total Fees and Charges 2.22% 1.98% to 2.65% a year for Mass Mutual 457 through Wayne Muller at Salem MAPs CUSO vs OSGP through Voya fees Total admin fee = 0.12% Investment fees Stock index 0.040%, to 0.53% total fees and charges OSGP = 0.16
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