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  1. Just an update: I have been hitting a wall trying to get folks added for 457's in my district with no responses back from District representatives. I brought this up at a meeting and some other folks mentioned that Lincoln Financial is not on the list but they have come around and work with folks in the district already. I am looking to give them a call this week to see if I can get a look at what Self Directed 457 products they might have. I know I am looking for low fees, does anyone know what Lincoln Financial might offer? Thanks again for your wealth of knowledge!
  2. Looking up custodial accounts it seems like they are designed for adult to open in the name of children. Is this the same as what you are talking about here?
  3. Krow, I am not finding that post. Can you link it?
  4. Thanks for the quick answer Krow! Does this same line of questioning work for 457's?
  5. The district suddenly is having a VALIC/AIG advisor coming in to talk about plans. They are one of two providers the district has for 457's, the other is AXA :(. What are the top questions to ask as to get the most out of the meeting not only for myself but for my colleagues?
  6. Krow, Thank you! These are good to note. I have not read the article yet from the NYTimes, each time it comes up I hit the Sub Wall. I like the idea of having control over my own plan and access to low cost index funds for the 403b.
  7. I did find out that we do have access to 457's through Valic and AXA. I am going to do a search on each but does anyone know these two products?
  8. Is this something I am approaching my district benefits officer about changing?
  9. Krow, Thanks for the info. Thoughtful and well detailed. I am contributing to my Roth fully. We are doing well enough that I thought it might be good to look at 403b's and 457's. I didn't ask about the 457's cause the benefits officer did not highlight that in any of the information sent over. Would there be another person to talk to about getting access to that? OR should I email the benefits officer again asking about these other providers and whether at 457 is offered by the district?
  10. Any advice or resources for learning about using self directed products?
  11. Hi Everyone, Thank you so much for all the incredible feedback. I want to be able to digest it all and come back with a few more well thought out questions, but the one that sticks out right away is "How do it get my district to pick up Vanguard/Fidelity/Aspire providers?" This is not something I have experience in and I feel like my in district resources are limited. I am also not tenured yet so I am hesitant to make waves. Continue throwing out that good advice and I will be back soon with more pointed questions for all the quality information put out there for my question!
  12. Looking at the providers for my district and wanted to get the perspective of the community and what products might be most advantagous for me to invest in. Here they are: Ameriprise AXA Equitable Great American MetLife Valic Any information on these? Or the products they provide that would be good to look into?I did a little hunting around on the suggested comparing tool but wanted to get a peoples perspective. Thanks Everyone!
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