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  1. Thank you Ed. I will check it out and let you know how IPX goes. JC
  2. Thank you so much for your response. That website 403bcompare.com is a wonderful resource. I would say the IPX plans that do not charge BP seem to be a wonderful option. You have to remember though Fidelity charges $24, but I have to content with the $36 fee Omni charges. So if Omni brought Fidelity into the P3 I would have to pay $60. with IPX I pay $50 and that includes Omni's $36 fee. It's actually cheaper. Since I will just be using this account for the Fidelity SP 500 index fund FXAIX at .02% it's an incredibly inexpensive plan. Thanks again for the reply. JC
  3. I have yet to see them as an option, but I would be surprised if they didn't have some way of addressing that market. JC
  4. I'm with you Ed. I really appreciate the thoughts. I agree, the website is weird. I have been emailing with a representative and everything seems like its on the up and up. I had never even heard of this company. The link I sent from 403b compare seems to confirm what I am being told. The $121 they reference seems to be the $50 fee, plus the cost of owning funds. The site estimates this 71 fee by taking the average expense ratio of all investment options. and multipling it by a 10k investment. I would just use the Fidelity SP 500 index fund FXAIX .02%. It sounds almost too good to be true, which is why I'm questioning it. I also have a Vanguard proper option, but that is $60 a year and I would rather Fidelity funds. Thanks again Ed. JC
  5. Hi Ed, Thank you for the response. From my understanding IPX has three different types of accounts that you can open all with a different fee structures and investing opportunities. What the representative shared with me seems to be confirmed by 403bcompare. Here is there product list https://www.403bcompare.com/vendors/1966#/productlist And here is the plan that gives access to Fidelity Funds for a $50 flat fee. https://www.403bcompare.com/products/272#/investmentoptions Ed thinks IPX is unethical. Does anyone else have an opinion? ' Thanks again Ed. JC
  6. Hi Everyone, My district just added two new vendors to our list. IPX and Vanguard. Which would you choose: Vanguard $60 a year or IPX with Fidelity Funds for $50 a year? I'm a Fidelity investor, the fund I am interested in are on average less expensive than Vanguard, but my money would be house with IPX not Fidelity directly. Thoughts? JC
  7. Does anyone have experience with IPX? It seems like Aspire, but less expensive. $50 a year for Fidelity funds. Thanks in advance. JC
  8. JC.

    New TPA

    Aspire charges $40 and .15%. Not horrible. JC
  9. JC.

    IPX 403b

    Has anyone ever dealt with a company called IPX https://www.ipxplatform.com/overview/ They just came online as an Omni P3 provider. They seem to be set up just like Aspire, but their cost structure is better. For Vanguard Admiral share funds it costs $86 which includes Omni's $36, Vanguards fees and IPX fees. For Fidelity funds it costs $50 which includes Omni's $36, Fidelities fees and IPX fees. or their Fund Portal option which is $50 & .2% This includes a bunch of investment options. I'm not sure why you would do the Vanguard one or the Fund Portal since Vanguard itself only charges $60 a year and my district pays Omni's $36 or the Fund Portal option. But $50 for access to a boatload of Fidelity funds sounds great. Has anyone heard or dealt with IPX before?? Thanks in advance. JC
  10. JC.

    New TPA

    Are you sure you are not grandfathered into the plan you had previously opened at Fidelity? I am currently with Aspire. There is a maintenance charge and they do charge basis points. I would look into them first. JC
  11. Thank you for the perspective. JC
  12. JC.

    NY 457

    Thank you.
  13. Thank you for the reply. I actually called Fidelity and was told in order for them to come to my district we would have to start with a 100 million account. I’m not sure that’s happening. I am very grateful. Thanks again for the reply. JC
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