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  1. Thank you guys. I am going to get in touch with Ohio's 457 plan later today. My concern is that my school district will have to sign up as an employer for Ohio457 in order for me to enroll. I can almost guarantee they won't be willing to do so if that is the case. All they would need to do to keep me in my current plan with DWS would be to continue mailing my contributions to DWS each paycheck. Unfortunately, it appears my treasurer is unwilling to do that outside of PlanConnect.
  2. Awesome! Thanks Ed. I'll start looking into it and reach back out on this thread if I need more help. You are the best!
  3. Thanks for helping! I am in Ohio. This was dropped on me after my previous paycheck. I was told that Plan Connect would offer American Funds & Ameriprise. Other than that I have no information because I have not set up an account (since I have no "advisor"). I'm hoping to at least be able to look into Plan Connect and see what is offered. Then I can repost and ask for advice once I see those choices. What are my 457 options here in Ohio? I am in a very small school district that is not super receptive to things that require them to do any work at all. I appreciate your help!! Thanks, Mike
  4. Hi, my school district is eliminating my ability to continue to fund my 403 (b) through DWS (i am grandfathered in as a class s investor). Does anyone have any information on Plan Connect? It looks like a subsidiary of AXA. Thanks, Mike Klinzing
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