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  1. I think I will set up aspire before I fill out this form.
  2. So I called back and the rep showed me on the site how to fill out the third party transfer form on their site which they said is good for 90 days. It does not pull out money right away it generates a form. It has boxes to check about withdrawals and fees. I’ll admit I’m nervous maybe the info the rep gave me isn’t correct but this form won’t do anything just generate a form for me to use.... yup feeling a bit nervous. Tony- I plan to be an advocate moving forward to other individuals who will lose money just because someone was in their teachers lounge and made this seem like the right thing to do.
  3. Krow- it’s equi-vest. She sent the disbursement form and that ultimately is not what I need. I need the transfer and she said she does not have access to that. Heres my plan after today. 1. Stop AXA contributions. 2. Open new 403b Aspire account to transfer funds when eligible to do so. 3. Open 457 for new funds 4. Go over with all the experienced individuals on this site of what is happening. Thanks again!
  4. Here’s what AXA said: for the $ 70,500 they will charge a $2,968.32 termination fee. There is no administration charge. If I surrender there will be 20% mandatory federal Income tax. She is emailing me the form. if I want to roll it over... she does not have the form I need to find it on their website. i will need to have the OMNI group who is the 3rd party administrator sign off on this. Does this sound right? The 20% is ONLY if I do not re-invest it right? lets see if she emails me. Adrienne
  5. Ed I apologize for my ignorance with this subject...(I don’t say that often..) what am I looking at for a 70k investment to leave and not wait it out?
  6. Wow. Thanks so much. I looked into it and it shows on my paperwork that AXA was established in 2014. I thought it was 2008. I’m going to check my paychecks to make sure this is correct. I am not believing anything from them. I will look into all the information provided. First and foremost, I will discontinue AXA contributions and open a new account to continue my contributions. I hear and understand no advisor is needed and will go the self directed route. I will look into Tony’s suggestions about the target fund. Thank you so much for all of this information. I am very sure I will require more guidance as I embark on this journey. So.... stay tuned! Adrienne
  7. I’m looking into this... and I see my AXA advisor is also the Aspire advisor???? Now I’m confused. Can this be?
  8. Tony- yes, my AXA account is a 403b. Krow- I can use all the help I can get with a contribution of $950 a month I was thinking of funding the 457 and as the funds from AXA become surrender fee free funding aspire with those. Today I hope to find out what these fees actually are. I have a meeting at 11. This page is great. It should be part of the hiring package so teachers don’t have to deal with this!
  9. Tony navigating through the AXA account is not easy. Nothing on my account shows any fees, in general, or for surrendering. I will be inquiring tomorrow.
  10. Thanks to you both! My understanding is that I could do both aspire and 457 with a 19.5k contribution to each. Correct?
  11. 70k in that account: 🙁
  12. Thanks so much for the info. What is your advice on getting out of AXA with surrendering fees( I think it’s 10 years???). Should I just take the hit or stop contributing until I can move it free of charge? Again, thank you.
  13. Here is the 457 list. TIA.
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