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  1. Thanks again! Target funds with Vanguard it is!
  2. Thanks again. My district claims they were confused about what I meant when transferring funds. They thought I meant outside of the vendor list. All is good with the transfer. Had another question. I have looked into Vanguard and have my paperwork for transfer. My only hesitation is I don't really know what I am doing as far as making selections. I realize I can set up balanced portfolio in Vanguard based on recommendations. However, my concern is the future. How often do you check in with your stock options every month or six months? Just let it ride until the economy starts to tank and then reevaluate? My current 403b are they managing anything really? The current guy who set up my Kades-Margolis account 5 years ago has never reached out to me since. So I start to wonder who is looking at the account. I just want make sure I can handle Vanguard selections and manage on my own. Thoughts? Should I consider another vendor such as Valic where I have an advisor ( is he really going to do anything for me except I won't have load fees) or am I screwed on fees unless I go with Vanguard. Thanks again for your time.
  3. Thanks! One other question. I know I can stop contributing to Kades Margolis, but can I transfer the 403b money in K-M to Vanguard? My district is kinda giving me the run around about transferring the money. Claiming they are not sure if this can be done. I have also heard somewhere you can’t move money from a 403b to another 403b Is this true? In live in PA. Thanks again for the great advise.
  4. My school district in PA offers these choices through the OMNI group and has these approved vendors. 1. AMERIPRISE FINANCIAL SERVICES, INC. 2. AXA EQUITABLE LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY 3. KADES-MARGOLIS 4. LINCOLN INVESTMENT 5. OPPENHEIMER SHAREHOLDER SVCS 6. SECURITY BENEFIT 7. VALIC 8. VANGUARD FIDUCIARY TRUST CO. 9. VOYA FINANCIAL (VRIAC) Currently I have an account through Kades-Margolis, but when I signed up five years ago I didn't understand things. I'm hit up with load charges in addition to annual fees. My return if lucky is around 2% because of all the fees. Co-workers have been telling me to go to Vanguard. 1. What is the right choice? 2. Does it make sense to move money out of Kades- Margolis? 3. Can you explain in plain terms why a load fee is charged and the advantage to taking an account with a load fee. Thanks for your help!
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